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David Adeleke is a popular musician in Nigeria, Africa and the world. You may known him fondly as Davido or O.B.O. Undoubtedly one of the world’s most favourite artiste, this young boy has gained the admiration of many with his unique music pattern, swag and style. And the ladies can’t wait to eat him up, but there is just one problem. Fans of Davido do not exactly feel close to the singer. That is because the most they can get to see him is on Tv or social media. A lot do not even know how to locate the star on these various media out let and that is frustrating enough. But that changes now.

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With a little research we bring you some of the easiest ways to contact the singer. We bring you Davido contact detail as follow:

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Davido email — Booking Email address: For those looking to book the singer for an event you can contact his label via these email addresses… inquiries@hknrecords.com or call +2347069611153

Davido Instagram: Find and follow Davido on  Instagram. You can send him messages and if you are lucky he will give you a direct reply. DAVIDO INSTAGRAM

Davido Twitter: Follow Davido on Twitter: DAVIDO TWITTER

Davido Facebook: Davido is on Facebook. You can reach him via… DAVIDO FACEBOOK.

Davido Private Number: We posted the singer’s number here sometime ago but had to take it down for special reasons. However You Can Make A Private Request To Get It.

Feel free to disturb the singer on his social media outlet. But note that you may not get a reply each time you try. This is partly because of the fact that thousand others are struggling for his attention and chances that he will filter you out to reply is slim. Another reason why you may not get a reply is because sometimes their media accounts are not managed by them.

Davido official website: Davido’s personal site. DAVIDO’S WEBSITE.

Davido Whatsapp number 2018: Sorry no number for now. Check back later as we update the article.

Davido telephone number is unavailable at the moment.

Other Searches may include:

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If you are a lover of Davido, you would definitely want Davido Private number 2020 to connect with him. Aside from this, he also has WhatsApp, Youtube and Instagram handle which we will share today.


Success is real, dreams are true but all these are as a result of intentions and desire but none of these can be attained without deliberate energy concerted to achieve this purpose and desire. This brings us to the brief write up about one of the super artists in the Nigeria entertainment industry David Adedeji Adeleke the 30-billion-naira gang.

Davido Private Number, Whatsapp, Youtube, and Instagram Handle

Private phone number

Just as we all know, not all artist makes their profile open for all to access, yet there are still relatively few of them that still makes all their contact available to the general public and their fans all over the world, this artist is one of them, he updated his number for all to access and get in contact with him. Davido private number is 070——-. This same number is the one he used for his WhatsApp.

This energic Nigeria that owned tow citizenship cards with the United States of America and Nigeria come to the music industry with all enthusiasm which was one of his driving factors in the industry.

It will be of great importance to also know that this number might be switched off base on performances and busy schedules, but the inner private number with this artist is not disclosed to anyone even though his lover Chioma the Chef. Will be the best person in a position to have this number but as at now, it is not disclosed publicly.

Youtube Channel

This is another weird thing to know about this artist. Outside of his usual income from the show and different concerts. This artist flood in millions of naira via his YouTube channels through the videos he uploads on this channel.

This channel is said to have an average view of about 10 million. This which is huge traffic drives in much money to this artist. Even though not all artist makes use of YouTube to generate income but as an entrepreneur idea that he inherited from his father makes him toughed his stream of income which is one of the factors why he remains floating in the industry.

The YouTube address is https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCNcjGMZpfQ3CYB0rjjuvgUg.

You can follow to keep watching the latest music and videos from this artist.

Instagram Page

As one of the trending cultures for most artists to be on Instagram and snap chat. This artist also has his Instagram page where he uploads some interesting pictures, fun moments, concerts and important things to keep his fans and general populace updated on each of his moves and giant strands he has made in the music industry so far.

You can follow this artist via his handle https://www.instagram.com/davidoofficial

Davido phone number – Davido Net Worth And Assets

This artist is estimated to worth over 16 million US dollars, and on his name has different houses in different locations, in Nigeria, and outside Nigeria. Also going through his Instagram page, you can see his car park with different cars that are costly which are all branded for this artist.

Outside his cars, he recently threw other conversations to the entire media fans by displaying his recently gotten private jets which is a giant stride in the industry any artist can just dabble into. Davido has over time demonstrated good sportsmanship in his chosen profession.

  • Audi Flatback (GGX 2012) – worth around N9 Million.
  • Honda Accord – worth about N5 Million.
  • Porsche Turbo – worth around N20 Million.
  • Range Rover Sport – worth around N25 Million
  • Audi R8 Coupe – worth about N20 Million.
  • Rolls Royce Phantom – worth around N100 Million.
  • Mercedes Benz Sedan AMG – worth about N50 Million.
  • Porsche Carrera – worth about N40 Million.
  • Yellow Camaro GS Chevrolet– worth around N11 Million
  • Toyota Land Cruiser – worth around N17,500,000.
  • White Bentley 2011 – worth around N18 Million.

Conclusion on Davido Private Number

This young artist from a wealthy background has never for once think about living at his father’s expense rather he has a dream to go beyond the shore their father has set a landmark.

He has achieved a lot in his 5 years in the industry and owns a lot of assets to his name. we have been able to do justice to the private number of the artist, his personal WhatsApp number, his YouTube channels, and Instagram page. Sit back and read the information.

Davido Phone number, Davido real phone number, Davido Whatsapp number etc.

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