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Ayodeji Ibrahim Balogun is a popular musician in Nigeria, Africa and the world. You may known him fondly as Wizkid or Starboy. Undoubtedly one of the world’s most favourite artiste, this young boy has gained the admiration of many with his unique music pattern, swag and style. And the ladies can’t wait to eat him up, but there is just one problem. Fans of Wizkid do not exactly feel close to the singer. That is because the most they can get to see him is on Tv or social media. A lot do not even know how to locate the star on these vaious media out let and that is frustrating enough. But that changes now.

With a little research we bring you some of the easiest ways to contact the singer. We bring you Wizkid contact detail as follow:

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Wizkid email — Booking Email address: For those looking to book the singer for an event you can contact his label via these email addresses… Booking@starboymusic.com & Bookstarboywizkid@gmail.com or call +2348077421953

Wizkid Instagram: Find and follow Wizkid on  Instagram. You can send him messages and if you are lucky he will give you a direct reply. WIZKID INSTAGRAM

Wizkid Twitter: Follow Wizkid on Twitter WIZKID TWITTER

Wizkid Facebook: Wizkid is on Facebook. You can reach him via… WIZKID FACEBOOK.

Wizkid Private Number: We posted the singer’s number here sometime ago but had to take it down for special reasons. However You Can Make A Private Request To Get It.

Feel free to disturb the singer on his social media outlet. But note that you may not get a reply each time you try. This is partly because of the fact that thousand others are struggling for his attention and chances that he will filter you out to reply is slim. Another reason why you may not get a reply is because sometimes their media accounts are not managed by them.

Wizkid Whatsapp number 2018: Sorry no number for now. Check back later as we update the article.

Wizkid Telephone number is unavailable at the moment.


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Wizkid Phone Number, Twitter, Instagram Handle, and Other Interesting Information About Him – Wizkid, born Ayodeji Ibrahim Balogun, is a Nigerian artist who has been able to grow his popularity with his music skills and is one of the most followed celebrities in the country

Wizkid Phone Number, WhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram Handle 2020

  • Real Name: Ayodeji Ibrahim Balogun
  • Phone Number: +2348077421953
  • Instagram Handle: @wizkidayo
  • Twitter Handle: @wizkidayo
  • WhatsApp Number: +2348077421953
  • Email Address: bookstarboywizkid@gmail.com

So, here is Wizkid’s Instagram handle, Twitter address and phone number 

Wizkid Instagram Handle

Wizkid is actually one of the most followed Nigerians on instagram. Instagram, as it is known, is a very popular platform.

Many celebrities are now taking advantage of the platform to relate with their fans. While some of them are still struggling to attract a lot of people, he has a huge fan base that keeps building up, and he currently has a lot of followers on the social media platform.

One of the things noticed about his supporters and followers is that many of them are die-hard fans that are always ready to fight for him. For instance, if a critic should post a bad comment on his page, these fans will come for the person’s head and insult the person thoroughly.

On his Instagram page, even though he might not be chanced to post things every day, he still tries to entertain his followers with some of his interesting pictures which makes the social media platform interesting for some of his followers.

One other thing noticed about him is that he ensured his instagram page is solely for the business of music. 

Wizkid Phone Number And WhatsApp

Wizkid Instagram: You can find and follow the musician on Instagram.

For some people, they can get lucky when he reply to them after contacting him. However, don’t forget that he is a human being too, and so, don’t expect much from him.

If you go on disturbing him, he might feel somehow, and he won’t always be chanced to reply to everyone (since there are tons of people out there interested in getting his attention). Therefore, ensure you behave properly when relating to his Instagram page. 

Wizkid Phone Number 

One of the things some people are usually interested in getting on the internet is the musician’s phone number.

However, it should be clarified that celebrities like Wizkid usually have various phone numbers.

Some will be strictly for business, while some will be personal.

The one for business will be made general and public, and everyone can have access to it (as far as they want to do business with him).

However, the personal ones are usually kept private and are meant only for those close to him. Having stated this, here is Wizkid’s phone number: +2348077421953

Wizkid Twitter Handle (@wizkidayo)

Another way of following Wizkid’s activities on the internet is through Twitter.

Just like various other celebrities in the country, he is also very active on Twitter and he might be reached from there too.

However, just like we mentioned earlier, don’t expect him to relate with you, as he has a lot of people following him and might not be chanced to always respond to everyone

Some Interesting Things To Know About Wizkid 

  1. The area he grew up is Ojuelegba, and he, some months ago, released a song about the place. Ojuelegba is actually in Lagos (Surulere) and the area used to be a popular place for touts.  The reason we used the phrase ‘used to be’ is because things are fastly changing in the area and is now seen as an urban city for the young and working class. Actually, a lot of changes have been going on in Lagos State and certain things that used to be the order of the day are actually giving way for sanity and progress. 
  2. The song that placed him to the big stage is “Holla at Your Boy”. As a young chap, he released the song that soothes the fantasies of many young people in the country. The song came out not too long after he joined his first record label. 
  3. Wizkid is not college-educated. There are a handful of popular artists that are well educated today. However, for reasons best known to him, he didn’t go to the University, although he still tries his best in terms of speaking well. It has been noted already that one of the reasons he chose to drop out of school when he was there years back is so to enable him to focus on his music career. 
  4. The musician started as a ragga artist before what some now know of him (although some do mix it up with reggae)

Brief Bio

He was raised in Surulere (somewhere in Lagos, where he was born). While his mum is a Christian, his father is a Muslim and also married three wives. It is worthy to note that only his own mum was only to give his dad a male (the rest of his siblings are females).

It was noted that those around him were not the last influence as far as his career choices are concerned. 

Like various other musicians in the country will claim, he also started singing as a very young boy (although not professionally). It was made known that while as a young chap, he has been able to handle the role of a lead singer, and he enjoys music a lot as a young man. 

He loves making and recording music and he surrounded himself with those of like minds. He joined a band as a young boy and they sang gospel songs. As he proceeds, he began calling himself Lil Prinz but he soon dropped the name. 


It has been agreed that one fundamental thing that helped Wizkid was the fact that he was able to meet some well-known producers who played their own role in helping him shape his experience in music.

As time goes on, Wizkid began paying more attention to hip-hop and afrobeat and he made known how his family was not too pleased with what he was turning to. He continued recording his songs and stay often in the studio. 

It should also be noted that when he just started, he was also a songwriter that wrote for various people, and he got to know some other people. 

Some years later, he met Banky W of Empire Mates Entertainment and both of them begin to work together. He joined his recording firm and he started releasing songs.

It should also be added that he was admitted into the Lagos State University at some point, but he left to focus more on his music career (even when he entered Lead City University, the same thing happened) 

Right now, he has a lot of fans outside Nigeria and has worked on various international stages since the start of his career some years back.

The youngster has gained the admiration of numerous persons with his unique music pattern.

For some others, they seem to be more interested in his swag and the way he dresses. 

For different reasons, people are always interested in getting close to them (which is not really surprising). Some of his supporters desire to get closer to him and know a lot of things going on with him at various times. For some fans, they are fine with seeing him on the television and probably hearing him on the radio. For some others, they want to go beyond that, and so, they follow him on social media (especially Twitter and Instagram). Also, we should note that some people are interested in taking it further by searching for his phone number so they might probably speak to him.

So, if you are a fan of the young man and you so desire to get closer to his activities, this article will be of help. You will get to see some of his details and what have you. It gets easier if you are used to making use of these social media platforms in the first place. 

That’s all about Wizkid Phone Number, WhatsApp, Twitter, and the Instagram handle.

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