Latest scamming format yahoo boys use. Billing method 2018. G boys scam maga technique.

billing format for yahoo.


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Before I begin i will like to let all of you reading this article know that this whole writeup is just for informative purpose.

I am not in any way promoting internet fraud or yahoo yahoo as it is fondly called.

I am only educating the masses on the various Scamming techniques used by internet fraudsters to dupe people of their hard earned money. With this said, let us get down to business.

For those of you who have only been hearing of yahoo yahoo but do not know what it means, let me give you a little insight to it.

Yahoo yahoo or Gee simply means fraud. Particularly internet fraud. It is an illegal means of getting money from others via the internet by deceit, threat and even hypnosis.

There are different ways used to do this, hence the various formats. In this article I will be letting you in on the latest dating format for 2018. Fresh and working.

All you need to do is apply it well.

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Before you can begin to make money from yahoo you will need to spend some money yourself. This money will not go to waste because you will be using them to buy what is called your TOOLS set up. Yes, tools. Whenever you go online you have entered your workshop, and every workshop has its tools. For yahoo messenger the tools are the necessary applications and configurations. So why don’t I talk a little on these TOOLS.

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Successful yahoo boys tools.

1. VIDEO CLONING APPLICATION: This is a very important application that you need to get. The power of this tool cannot be explained. The video cloning application is the tools that every yahoo boy willing to be successful in the game uses to communicate with his client on video call. It is a very rare application and quite expensive too for beginners.

Because of the usefulness of this application you cannot find it easily online. And if you happen to see it it goes for nothing less than $300.

You use the cloning app to video chat with foreign clients who want to see your face before sending money. The app changes your look to that of anybody of your choice (provided you uploaded the person’s image to the application gallery). When you video chat with your client he will be seeing the face of the person you set. The lips movement will be accurate too.

The cracked version or the application allows you to upload unlimited photos to set anytime. For the serious minded ones email tor your cloning app, cracked and uncracked for #10,000.

2. VPN: Before you begin you will need a VPN tool to conceal your IP. VPN means Virtual Private Network. This is very important because most white men and women do not like hooking up with Nigerians online. They regard us as scammers. This VPN will help hide your IP address and make it impossible for anyone to know your location.

3. GRAMMARLY: This is an important tool too. And the good thing about this one is that you can get it for free. Grammarly helps check your vocabulary before you send a message to your client. It can be downloaded from Playstore.

4. PHISHING TECH: This is a very vital tool to get. If you know what phishing means then you will not undermine this tool. Through phishing you can get vital information about your clients, like their credit card details, password and the rest.

What is Phishing: Phishing is an aat of creating a duplicate page of any website to enable you get private information from people who log into it. You can create a phishing Facebook login page and whosoever clicks on it will be taken to a page that looks exactly like the original Facebook page. Once the person inputs his email and password you get them. You can create a phishing page for basically all sites. Sometimes yahoo boys create phishing pages of credit cards banks and when their clients enter their car d details they get everything. .Phishing is really very helpful these days. Contact to learn more for just #2000.

5. GOOGLE TRANSLATE: Google translate is another powerful tool brought to you by Google. It helps us translate different languages. All you need to do is set it up and it will translate any phrase or sentence from a foreign language to English language. A good side of this application is that it can also translate from English to any foreign language. Google Translate can be gotten on playstore.

6. CREATE FAKE ONLINE PROFILES FOR THE DIFFERENT SOCIAL MEDIA: If you want to appear legit, create accounts on the different media outlets using the same person’s pictures. You can decide to be a woman, man or whatever, but just be consistent and do not blow your cover.

7. DATING APP: This tool is for those who want to use the dating format to bill their clients. There are several dating applications out there that you can use. However let me list some of the most popular ones used by yahoo boys ( but i will advice you go for the less popular ones).









scamming format yahoo boys use.

On my previous site i talked about a dating format that works like magic. I shared it with my subscribers and tons of them returned to thank me. Someone even had to transfer #150,000.00 just to show gratitude.

So i will be sharing another top notch format here that is making waves. Please follow up well.

This is a dating format. It works well if you are using a female profile.

* Set up a very sexy profile picture on any social media you wish. Make sure your profile is set as public so that people of various countries can see you.

Also, make sure you have THE VIDEO CLONING APPLICATION because most of these while people like to see before they believe. And make sure the photo you are using is also on your cloning application.

* Once you spot a potential client who was captivated by the beauty of your profile then follow these processes below.

* Don’t rush to reply his messages.

* At first he will want to chat dirty with you, do not agree to it. Pretend to be uninterested. Snub him at some point.

* Then gradually begin lending him your audience. Don’t make it too snappy o, take your time lest he gets suspicious.

* He will feel he has gained your trust and will once again ask for your nude pictures and sex chat. Tell him you just got to know him, and you will want to know him better before you guys can even think of becoming that close.

* He won’t have a choice but to agree. Ask him to tell you about himself, make him feel comfortable. After he is done he will want to know about you. Then you gradually begin telling him about yourself. Tell him that you are a student and you are writing your exams at the moment. ( note: it should not be immediately)

* Ask him about his hobbies. When he asks you about yours make sure you include TRAVELING and visiting people as one of them.

* Tell him you have a boyfriend, bit he doesn’t stay in the country. No rush.

* He will demand a video call. Set up your cloning app and make a video call with him. If you don’t have the application then get any pretty girl to make the call on your behalf. Oyibo people don’t really care, as long as they see that they are talking with a fine girl it won’t matter if she does not look anything like her profile picture.

* After sometime tell him you are having issues with your guy. Don’t sound desperate else he will feel you are a scammer. Then begin to condemn men. Tell him you know all men are the same.

* You will see that at this point he will want to defend himself by saying he is not like other men.

* After some time tell him you are done with exams and you want to visit a new friend of yours who stays in Paris and may not be online for a while.

* Don’t chat with him for a while. After maybe a week message him apologizing. Tell him the friend you went to visit was so possessive and didn’t even let you come online. Then pretend to have forgotten where he stays. Ask him to tell you. He will tell you and you will say you thought it was somewhere close, somewhere you could have just stopped to see him before traveling back to your country.

* He will ask if you are back say No, but you will be leaving the next day. Then wait for the magic.

* The next thing he will ask is when you will come visit him. At this point don’t rush. Tell him you just returned from a trip, and that if he was interested he would have told you earlier so that you would have seen him before coming back to your country. He will apologize.

Play hard to get. Ask him to come to your country instead. He may say yes but don’t worry, he is just testing (most are). Keep disturbing him to come. To even make it real ask him to buy something for you when he is coming.

* He will get tired of testing and will ask you to come over instead. ( You are a student remember, he won’t expect you to have that kind of money for transport.

* I don’t need to tell you what will happen next na. You will be smiling to the bank. It is that easy. I will be sharing other wonderful formats with you guys. You can also buy our PDF formats for just #2000.


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