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Inetimi Alfred Odon is a popular musician in Nigeria, Africa and the world. He is also an incredible dancer. You may known him fondly as Timaya, Sound boy, Egberi papa 1 of Bayelsa or Dem mama. Undoubtedly one of the world’s most favourite artiste, this young man has gained the admiration of many with his unique music pattern, swag and style. His voice is just too awesome to ignore. And the ladies can’t wait to eat him up, but there is just one problem. Fans of this artiste do not exactly feel close to the singer. That is because the most they can get to see him is on Tv or social media. A lot do not even know how to locate the star on these various media outlet and that is frustrating enough. But that changes now.

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Timaya is the founder and Ceo of DM record label, Dem Mama records label. So in this article we will also bring to you Dem Mama email address.

With a little research we bring you some of the easiest ways to contact the singer. We bring you Timaya contact detail as follow:

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Timaya email — Booking Email address: For those looking to book the singer for an event you can contact his label via these email addresses. timaya@thezoneagency.com

Timaya Instagram: Find and follow Timaya on ¬†Instagram.¬† DM Instagram. Dem Mama Instagram. You can send him messages and if you are lucky he will give you a direct reply… TIMAYA¬†INSTAGRAM

Timaya Twitter: Follow Timaya on Twitter: TIMAYA TWITTER

Timaya Facebook: Timaya is on Facebook. You can reach him via… TIMAYA FACEBOOK.

Timaya booking site: for now no official booking site. But you can place your booking via the email address provided above.

Timaya Private Number: We posted the singer’s number here sometime ago but had to take it down for special reasons. However You Can Make A Private Request To Get It.

Timaya manager Osagie phone number…

Feel free to disturb the singer on his social media outlet. But note that you may not get a reply each time you try. This is partly because of the fact that thousand others are struggling for his attention and chances that he will filter you out to reply is slim. Another reason why you may not get a reply is because sometimes their media accounts are not managed by them.

Inetimi is an easygoing celebrity. He is somewhat described as a snub. He is one of the few who actually does not have time for fans. But don’t be discouraged. You just might get lucky.

Timaya telephone number is unavailable at the moment.

Timaya Whatsapp number 2018: Sorry no number for now. Check back later as we update the article.


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