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joshua iwueze bio.



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Growing up most of us had the opportunity to listen to songs from the celebrated Christian kids band, Destiny kids. They flavoured the major parts of our youthful lives. This children peppered our ears with amazing songs like Joy Joy Joy, Radical For Jesus and others. Back then it was a taboo to not listen to them when they sang these their inspirational tunes.

Destiny kids was made up of 6 children, all from the same parents. Their names are Favour, Rejoice Iwueze, Joshua Iwueze, Best Iwueze, Caleb Iwueze and Wonderful Iwueze.

Although Wonderful was just a baby during their glory days, she still forms an integral part of the band and as such will also be featured in our articles.

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In this article we will be focusing on one of the children from the group, Joshua Iwueze. So braze yourself, be prepared for a tour into her private life. When you are done reading this article you will be familiar with a lot of things you never really knew about this amazing gentleman and talented musician. This short history of nearly everything about Joshua will include: Family background, facebook username, twitter username His date of birth, relationship status, wedding photo (if he is married), wedding pictures, wedding images, traditional wedding photos, white wedding photos, father name, mother name, email address, house address, personal phone number, whatsapp number, old pictures, current pictures, throwback, Rejoice songs, Rejoice Iwueze pictures, school, primary school attended, Favour Iwueze wedding video, secondary school attended, university attended, year he graduated (if he has), course studied, car, Instagram username, social media accounts, Business Brand name and much more.

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Joshua is the third child of Pastor Stephen Iwueze and his lovely wife, Love Iwueze. Albeit being the third child, he is also the first boy. In other words, Joshua is the man of the house after his father. He was born on the 8th of November 1995 in Imo State. He completed her nursery, primary and secondary education in his homeland but pursued a university degree elsewhere. His field of study is not known but check back later as we keep updating this article..

Joshua is a member of the celebrated childhood musical band, Destiny Kids. Unlike his sister Favour who is shy, he is an outspoken person with a free spirit. In the music video of yesteryears, Radical For Jesus, Joshua was seen exhibiting vigour and energy. He has since endeared many to himself with his style and pattern. Rumour has it that the young  man is still into music even though he now owns a business.

JOSHUA IWUEZE BUSINESS – JOSH EMPIRE: Joshua is the CEO and founder of Josh Empire, a clothing, hair styling and accessories venture. He specializes in Unisex clothes, Ladies hair, wrist watches, men and women shoes and much more.

IS JOSHUA IWUEZE MARRIED? No. Joshua is not married. Disregard any rumour stating otherwise. When he finally ties the knot we will definitely update you.

Does Joshua have a child: Does he have a girlfriend?
No. No record of that yet.

Joshua Iwueze phone number – Joshua Whatsapp Number.
Seriously? You actually believe you could get such information online irrespective of the security issues we’re currently facing? You believed right. You can get in touch with him via this number… +2348065366996

Joshua House address: Joshua and his siblings live with their parents in their residence in Imo State. It is only his elder sister, Favour Iwueze who recently got married that stays in Lagos with her husband.

Joshua Iwueze father name: Stephen Iwueze.

Joshua Iwueze mother name: Love Iwueze.

How old is Joshua Iwueze:
Joshua was born on 8th November 1995 to Pastor Stephen Iwueze and his wife Love Iwueze. As of when this post was drafted he was…

23 years old.

Rejoice Iwueze songs:
He is signed to God’s Mercy Connection. It is a prominent record label for gospel singers in Imo State.

  • I Can Face Tomorrow
  • Radical

See some beautiful current pictures of the singer below:

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