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Read Erigga cars and much more about the Warri singer and rap god.

Erigga is a name not a single Warri boy can claim of not knowing. True to words, this guy is just amazing in many musical ways.

Born Erhiga Agarivbie, Erigga has been a music sensation from time immemorial. His stage name ‘Erigga’ is a vocalization of his tribal name. Being born and raised in Warri, Delta State, the rapper performs in Pidgin language which is predominant with the core Warri youths.

Take a little tour into the private and not so known aspects of the rapper’s life with us on this expository article.

Erigga is Nigeria’s own gangsta rapper. According to rumors, he is a member of the black axe confraternity and is the originator of the popular phrase slang “based on logistics” before Efe of Big Brother Naija adopted it.

Originally he wanted to be a basketballer. Yes, Erigga wanted to play basket ball but his strong liking for the game could not suppress his passion of music. He played for  Delta State Basketball team and also starred in the Milo Basketball competitions. After listening to rappers like Jay Z, 50 Cent and some top notch Nigeria rappers at the time he opted for rap music against basketball. This decision was indeed a wise one as the rapper has become one of Nigeria’s dopest lyricists and one of the best in the world spilling unimaginable bars and incredible punchlines.

Erigga’s breakthrough came after releasing tracks like Air Burn, Papper Boi and Death Bed. Since then he has continued to pepper the media with one awesome tune after another.

Erigga began recording songs as a teenager. He was inspired by rap legends like Rakim, 50 cent, Canibus, Jay Z, Eminem, Ja rule and Nas. To him, he sees music as a way of  expressing himself. He claims he talks better with his songs than in normal conversations.

Erigga’s songs are usually raw and full of vulgar words. That is one of the primary reasons you don’t get to hear them quite often on the radios. Because of the strict laws placed by NBC – Nigeria Broadcasting Corporation against the use of vulgar terms in music Erigga does not receive the kind of accolades he should be receiving. But that does not deter the singer anyways, he claims making money is his primary aim and as long as his music brings in the cash he is cool with it.

Most of his songs are not suitable for audiences below 18. He can spit very dark and disturbing lyrics with great storytelling prowess. He has the fluency of a pro, this allows him to take the listener by hand to an imaginative plane with well constructed words.

The Warri born rap artiste is a genius at dirty rap. Erigga is very real and true to his words, he is a Nigerian gangsta rapper. He can tell complete stories line by line without going off point.

He is widely regarded as the king of the south; a title also coveted by rival Yung6ix. He delivers his verses with a storytelling methodology. Because of his vivid description of events, he has gained a lot of acceptance on the street. Nigeria loves him, but Warri loves him better.

Erigga’s rap prowess precedes him. He has been crowned rap king after winning over 50 rap battles across Nigeria and overseas. There is hardly a time he encounters an opponent that he does not rubbish him. Erigga is a force to reckon with when it comes to rap. A lot of people mistake him to be the lesser version of Olamide but i dare to differ. Erigga will beat Olamide hands down even if he is just recovering from a mental disorder.

Erigga came into limelight after the release of his critically acclaimed video for “Dem No Get Two Heads”. The visuals were handled by Igho Tosin of Igho films. The video did not enjoy much airplay as Most Nigerian TV stations did not put it on rotation. And this was because the video contained material that was suitable for family audience.

This has proven to be a significantly huge career blockade for the new money rapper and he’s missed out on endorsements and major promotional deals as a result. This is directly related to his majorly morally unacceptable content,

Erigga has also not enjoyed the kind of airplay an artiste of his calibre should be enjoying. Most radio stations would have to censor his songs. And I assure you that there might be nothing left on the track after the censoring process.

Despite this, he remains resolute in his resolve. He has stuck to his graphically vulgar rap style. His “Won Be Be” jam with veteran producer Lay Low is a remarkable feat; and the same can be said about its video.

He is currently signed to New money records; a label run by veteran artiste manager, Snow man. Erigga portrays self made personality.

Erigga Cars: Despite not being a lavish spender the Warri rap king loves himself some good rides. His first car was a classic Toyota Prado.

Erigga cars, houses.

He also owns a Range Rover which he does not love driving claiming it makes him feel jittery and a Benz. Erigga does not flaunt his wealth on social media like most of his colleagues, but he is certainly one of the richest rappers Nigeria has.

Erigga cars and biography. erigga house, cars.

One thing to know is that Erigga cars are classy. The singer just doesn’t flaunt.

Erigga House: Erigga is said to own a mansion in the sanitary part of Warri although he has not shared any pictures of his crib.

Erigga phone number: Come back as we update the article.

Erigga Real Name: Erhiga Agarivbie.

Erigga songs. Erigga has released tons of songs and is still working on more. We bring to you some of them.

• Okorowanta
• Paper Boi
• Coupe DeCale
• Head Wan Blow
• Pog
• Laptop Bag
• Keep Talking
• Ring a Bell
• Can’t Stop Me
• Where U De Since
• Nothing Do U
• Deejays Anthem
• Nobody
• Cartoon
• Coffin
• Liar
• Another One


Kettle Story

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Kettle Story

Erigga Age: 29 years

Erigga Birthday: August 1989

Erigga Mother:

Erigga Father

Erigga Sister, Brother, Siblings.

Erigga Girlfriend.





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