Beef: Davido Vs Timaya quarrel, insult, shade & fight on Twitter.


Social media is now for hanging dirty linens.

Trouble seem to be looming on twitter as Davido allegedly drops a derogatory reply to Timaya’s tweet.

Tweets from Davido and Timaya has thrown the internet into confusion.

Right now fans are unsure what to make of the situation.

It appears the duo have had issues in the past and have decided to make it public as it is with musicians and celebrities.

Timaya was the first to tweet and he wrote “The reason I’m winning is because i’m not competing”.

In what appears like a direct reply to Timaya’s tweet, Davido within hours tweeted “Who Dey follow u do competition?? ODE 😂

These posts have stir up a lot of controversy and people are asking: is it just a random co-incidence or there is more than meet the eyes?



ODE is used to refer to someone dumb and stupid. An illiterate.

There’s believe that Davido’s tweet was a direct reply to Timaya’s considering Timaya’s educational status.

Timaya is yet to make any reference to the insulting remark.

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