Burna Boy Grandfather Benson Idonije was Fela Kuti manager. Did you know? Pictures & much more here.


A lot of you don’t understand the reason Burna Boy infuses a touch of Fela’s pattern I to his music video.

That is because his grand father was really really close to the fuji legend.

He wasn’t just that close, the truth of the matter is Burna Boy’s grandfather was actually Fela Anikulapo Kuti’s manager.

Benson Idonije Born 13 June 1936 is a Nigerian broadcaster and music critic popularly known for being the first band manager of Afrobeat musician Fela Kuti regarded as one of Nigeria’s most revered music critics, he was part of the pioneering group of broadcasters who started Radio Nigeria 2 (now Metro FM) in 1977.

Burna Boy has unconditional love for his grandpa Benson.

Benson began his career as a writer and wrote for several newspapers.

He later became an Engineering Assistant at the Nigerian Broadcasting Corporation now called the Federal Radio Corporation of Nigeria.

Later he moved into mainstream broadcasting in 1960. Not quite long he became the manager of Fela. It was there he bagged the bulk of his wealth.

In 2012, the Wole Soyinka Centre for Investigative Journalism awarded Burna Boy Grandfather the Life Time Award for Journalism Excellence.

Many Nigerians home and abroad feel Burna Boy is related to Fela because of his grandfather’s proximity to the legend but this is not true.

No direct relationship unless working relationship as manager and artiste.

So when next you see Fela’s emblem or any sign or symbol that reminds you of Fela Kuti in Burna Boy’s music, know that he is not only revering the legendary Fela but also glorifying his Grandfather.



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