Free dating site yahoo boys use to Bomb clients.


Disclaimer: This article is not in any way intended to promote internet fraud or vices of similar sort. However, it is meant to educate and inform the public. will not be held liable whatsoever for promoting and encouraging fraud.

The harsh economy has driven the bulk of Nigerians into internet fraud or Yahoo yahoo. The remaining few yet to engage in fraudulent activities are either the over pious ones or the sons and daughters of top officials in the country.

Well, maybe that is an overstatement, maybe we still have decent Nigerian youths doing decent jobs but that is not our problem.

This article is however focused on those who have chosen the street and are ready to make it at all cost irrespective of the risks involves. We call them Gee boys or G Boys.

Gee boys or Yahoo boys are those people who live off other people’s income by deceiving and sometimes coercing them into sending them money.

They do this act via several means or Formats. It could be the Military format, contractor format, gay format, dating format and pure blackmail.

But these days getting a potential client on whom you can practice these formats is not easy. This is because most dating sites are wary of Nigerians and do not allow them entry.

Once your IP shows Nigeria you are automatically unqualified to register on these sites.

That is why most yahoo guys change their IP to be able to join these sites.

Another problem is, after joining these websites, to be able to chat with people you need to pay a certain amount of money as subscription fee. These payment is done monthly and is not favourable to fresher’s in the yahoo yahoo business.

This now brings us to the main aim of this article where i will be revealing a free dating site for yahoo boys and yahoo girls.

Their services are completely free.

Chat free,  get chatted with free. You message free, you get messaged for free. This site is called You can check it out…

POF means Plenty Of Fish. And true to its name you will find plenty of fishes in there. The site boasts of daily registration of 70,000 new members. That is to say that each day 70,000 people join in search of love.

This is a very fertile ground for any yahoo boy to throw his hook of deceit.

But there is a problem with pof, it does not allow Nigerians. This is not a big problem though because where there is a will there is a way. We have found a way to change our IP location to point to a different area.

Once your IP has been successfully changed you can enjoy all the goodies pof has to offer.

It is the top best free dating site for yahoo boys. You don’t need yahoo plus JuJu to make it here. Just your brain work. Best and latest free dating site. Yahoo boys dating site.


So change your IP, register on and start bombing for new clients.

Do not forget to share your thoughts via the comment section. SHARING is SEXY.



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