Popular shrines in Benin city: money rituals herbalist, native doctors temples, voodoo

popular shrines in benin. www.eremmel.com


In Nigeria, Edo state is revered for mysticism and spirituality. Particularly Benin City. This place is known globally for housing one of the world’s strongest gods. Even movies portray the power of the Benin gods and ladies from that part of the world have come to be feared by men.

Another place feared for centuries considering its strong historical mysticism lineage is Benin Republic. Here a lot of temples and shrines are built paying tribute to gods known and unknown.

Benin shrines are known to possess powers other shrines only boast of. In Benin you can find native doctors who can boast of curing every sickness in the world. You can also find those who are skilled in money rituals, fortification and spiritual guidance.

It is in Benin City that some of the famous Yahoo boys in Nigeria and Ghana go to for their Yahoo plus rituals and charms. It is believed that Benin money rituals never falters, and their deities there are potent ones.

Only the bold and brave can visit this shrines for powers of any kind. In this article we will be  telling you about some of the famous herbalist homes and famous shrines in Benin City where you can visit for your spiritual cleansing, bathing, money rituals, yahoo plus juju, Hiv cures and other matters.

Benin Native doctors are strong. At least that is the popular notion. Since more than half of Nigerians think so, it’s only fair that we believe so too.

This article gives us a little insight on Benin City and Benin Republic, their similarities in traditionalism, shrines and more. Talking about their powerful shrines and powerful spiritualists.

Check out the popular shrines in these areas.


  1. Indian Supreme Kingdom
  2. Dr Kenneth Spiritual Home
  3. Sri Rudrapriya Astro center.
  4. Olokun Shrine – Home of our Great Mother
  5. Emotan Historic Shrine
  6. Ogun Orisa Shrine – God of Iron


  1. Temple Of Pythons, Ouidah
  2. Dankoli Sacrifice Shrine

yahoo plus rituals. www.eremmel.com popular shrines in benin. www.eremmel.com

popular shrines in benin. www.eremmel.com




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