pregnant woman gives birth to goat in Port Harcourt. Woman delivers goat. Animal.

goat baby in ph.


In this era of strange babies, there was serious commotion in Karaka Community Hospital, Port Harcourt when a woman who had been pregnant for over three years finally put to birth.

The strange part of this news is not the fact that the pregnancy lasted for three years rather than the usual and normal one month, it is a matter of what she gave birth to.

Residents of Rumuowha Eneka community in Port Harcourt, the capital of Rivers State have been thrown into shock and fright after a woman who had been carrying a three-year-old pregnancy allegedly gave birth to a goat. A  G.O.A.T. The animal.

goat baby in ph.

According to an eyewitness, Simeon Chukwu who posted the incident on his Facebook wall, the woman is from Abia State but married to a man from Akwa Ibom State.

After a series of fasting and prayers resulting from the longevity of her pregnancy period, she was wheeled into the labout room in Karaka Community Hospital Port Harcourt.

At about 1pm she put to birth a baby goat. The sight of her child gave the nurses present a scream. Even the doctor was said to have drawn back in abrupt shock when animal emerged from the woman’s belly.

As word quickly spread, many members of the community trooped in to see the mystery baby for themselves.

This is how Chuwkwu captured the incident:

“This woman has been pregnant for the past 3yrs but got her deliverance at Karaka Community Hall Rumuowha Eneka Port Harcourt, Rivers State.

goat baby in ph. goat baby in ph.

It is not known what could have caused the strange birth neither have doctors Pulse spoke to could say what could have happened but some say the woman could have been bewitched by her enemies and planted the goat in her womb in place of her baby.

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