Real life vampire stories to spook you. Existing true stories of vampire haunting.

Real life vampire stories.


Even when we thought dragons never existed, the Bible did mention dragons. Vampires are real too you know. Fact. Aside those shown on National Geography channel, real, humanoid vampires actually exist and a lot of them are blood sucking mysterious creatures.

These real life stories of vampires told by residents and people once haunted by the dreaded evil will leave you chilled and frightened.

In Nigeria we are earnestly anticipating a vampire attack. Trust Nigerians to have their tyres and fuel ready to ignite.

So take a peep and make sure you’re not reading this alone.

Real life vampire stories.


Story 1.

“This remote village of Kisiljevo, Serbia, is home to less than 800 inhabitants—and one spooky vampire story. In 1725, a resident named Petar Plogojowitz passed away, and in the next eight days, nine deaths occurred.

The nine who died had said on their deathbeds that they had been throttled—by Plogojowitz’s corpse.

Priests and officials flocked to Kisiljevo to investigate, and roughly 40 days after Plogojowitz had expired, they exhumed his grave.

Strangely, his beard and nails still seemed to be growing, and there were signs of new skin.

When a stake was plunged into his body, it was reported that fresh blood spurted from his ears and mouth, a horrible scream arose, and his skin turned black.

At that point, the murders ceased. Some call Plogojowitz “the first vampire,” which may be more chilling than any other true ghost stories.” Culled from


Story 2.

The Blood Countess

Hold onto your garlic: These vampires have been haunting people for centuries. Some of them are actually rooted in fact, which makes them all the more creepy.

The Legend of the Blood Countess

Countess Elizabeth Bathory, who lived from 1560 to 1614 in Hungary, was accused of vampire behavior: Biting the flesh of victims and bathing in their blood as a beauty treatment.



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