Yahoo plus rituals in Nigeria & Ghana. Juju money, charms, shrines etc.

YAHOO PLUS RITUALS 2018, 2019, 2020.

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In Nigeria, internet fraud has taken a more deadly turn from the famous yahoo yahoo to what is now called Yahoo Plus.

Yahoo plus is an upgrade of yahoo yahoo. It is completely different from the conventional internet duping because of the inclusion of diabolical practices.

Victims of yahoo plus are hypnotized into doing things they wouldn’t do under normal circumstances.

For instance, a victim of yahoo plus rituals may have an unquenchable urge to send money to to yahoo boy that hypnotized him wherever he is.

When the urge finally does down the deed has already been done. Most of them do not even remember the name of the person the money was sent to. Some can’t even member sending money to anyone.

Yahoo plus rituals is prevalent in Nigeria and Ghana. These countries have the most savage fraudsters online.

This article will put you through on how yahoo plus is carried out, some popular shrines on Nigeria, yahoo plus stories, yahoo plus rituals 2018, yahoo juju, money rituals, herbalists yahoo boys run to for charms, witch doctors and native doctors.

One of our articles talked extensively on yahoo plus stories. We even went as far as sharing two mind boggling stories of individuals who attempted it. If you missed out please Read It Here.

Yahoo plus rituals is a diabolic exercise carried out by internet fraudsters and believed to give them good luck in form of hypnotism. It is also the practice of giving sacrifice to deities in exchange for the power of wealth.

Like Ogboni cult, yahoo plus sometimes involves the use of human body parts like the head, breasts, vagina, tongue, toes, fingers and eyes.

Victims become puppets imI’the hands of the inflictors and act accordingly to their inflictors’ whim.

Some yahoo plus rituals may just be a simple act of sleeping with a girl. The sex is the ritual. If the girl is lucky she can just get mad or wayward. The unlucky ones loss their lives.

Yahoo plus charms and items could be anything.

Early this year there was a viral report that the new and improved juju yahoo boys use to get girls for their rituals is placed in the front passengers’ seats of their cars. Once any girl sits on it she is automatically a sacrificial lamb.

Most common items are

  • Ring
  • Handkerchief
  • Cowries and blood in calabashes
  • Some kind of fetish stone to put in the mouth when talking or chatting with clients.
  • Tortoise shells
  • Human parts prepared into concoction
  • Decomposed human parts in concealed areas.

These are not the only yahoo plus rituals items. There are more out there that we do not know.

Don’t get too excited. The rituals necessary are usually very stiff and have serious repercussion if the rules are not followed to the latter.

Some Yahoo Plus Rituals Practices.

  • Eating Human Feces once every day.
  • Swimming in certain rivers at mid night weekly, daily or monthly.
  • Sleeping in the market place for weeks
  • Drinking concoction made out of human parts mixed with excrement.
  • Sleeping with mad women.
  • Sacrificing a loved one.
  • Barking ones a month
  • Wiping a lady’s private part with towel after sex

Yahoo plus rituals.

Regarding the eating of Feces practice, an unidentified ex yahoo boy sometime this year revealed interesting facts about it. He said the Feces is not eaten raw but burnt. He also said the owner of the Feces dies and the yahoo boy who eats the feces automatically becomes rich.

Read what he wrote as culled from informationng.

“Ok as a former yahoo boy, I can say that some of this things are true and some are lies. You see that faeces thing is a lie! The faeces will be burnt so you can’t smell it anymore but it’s very potent because the person who has the the poo will die and this isn’t even for yahoo, it is blood money direct. Although if yahoo boy does it, it is automatic explosion for the person. 

“Another one is that hating in public space. The babalawo is just trying to scam the yahoo boy thinking he won’t be able to do it. However, wiping of punani (lady part) after intercourse is true. There is also one that you sleep and cvm inside the girl after bathing a soap and she won’t get pregnant again and if she does, she must miscarry. That one too is very potent and many slay queens have been used for this but they don’t know yet! 

“Licking honey is a big fat lie. It can only work for one on one. It can’t work for someone overseas. When I was active, the one I know that is 100% is the one that you tie the person’s picture with thread and bury it beside the grave of a person whose gender is same as the person you want to hit.

After the person sends you money, you must buy ram and wear one tira round its neck. The ram will die overnight! A Lagos big girl that does aristo and uses this on senators actually took me to where I did this one and the lady has been mentioned online over and over again. 

“The barking like a dog is true , the one day madness is true and trust me you want to know the process. So many girls have been blacklisted in Dubai because of boys. They will take her to Dubai, have her open account with her details and collect her card and checkbook. When fraud is detected, the girl becomes wanted but she doesn’t know till when she goes back to Dubai and end up in jail. 

“All these stuff aren’t exclusive to yahoo boys as it has been around since…yahoo boys just started adding it to business. Lastly many people do rituals and claim yahoo when it is not yahoo. I actually did tax return and dating and made over N1.8 billion and then stopped. God forgive me!”

What happens if a yahoo plus ritual goes bad? What if a yahoo boy does not complete the necessary ritual?

  • Death
  • Madness
  • Waywardness
  • Blindness
  • Stroke

Oshole yahoo plus. Herbalists, witch doctors, spiritualists and native doctors make serious cash working with yahoo boys.

We will be sharing the names and locations of famous and popular shrines yahoo boys visit im the comment section for those who need it. Comment your interest.

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