Very funny! Why Nigerian celebrities can NEVER delete their social media accounts.

never delete social media.


White folks are easily provoked. And believe me you, when they get pissed off they do the most unusual things to calm their nerves. One of the trending stuff foreign celebrities in particular do that trips me is deleting their social media accounts.

It takes a lot of nerves and guts to get rid of an Instagram account, Facebook account, Twitter Account, Tumblr account, Linkedin account, Pinterest account, Youtube account, Google+ account, Reddit account, Flickr account, Snapchat account, Skype account, Whatsapp, Viber and the rest but these American folks or wherever they are from don’t just care.

Deleting an instagram profile or account is like slicing a cake to them when angry. And most of these celebrities make millions from their media accounts. Justin Bieber for instance makes more money from his Twitter account than most of our family lineage can boast of, but when he got pissed years ago he deleted it.

Starting afresh to them doesn’t seem like a problem. But that’s not the case with Africans.

You have absolutely no idea how that affects a Nigerian celebrity? They could get a stroke, kick two buckets or both.

And why is deleting a media account such a big deal to Africans, Nigeria particularly? This one big reason will leave you rolling on the floor, but it’s the fact anyways.


Fear of loosing followers they gathered over donkey years: Believe it or not this is the primary reason that causes the phobia.

It took Wizkid eons to garner the followers he has. Imagine celebrating his first 1million followers of twitter… who the fuck does that on earth and mars? .. ¬†And who the hell are you to ask him to delete his account now that he has over 6million followers? Fire go don burn half of ya brain to even imagine am.

Their grammar na war: It’s better to make a written error than commit a blunder on national TV. So while they still have their prestige our Nigerian celebrities will prefer to call Dolphins Eja Nla‘ than go on Live TV and pronounce ‘Two‘ as ‘Tuwo.’ For those of you who do not know, Eja Nla means Big Fish in Yoruba. But Dolphins are not fishes.


Mr moderator, with these two reasons of mine i hope i have been able to convince and not confuse you that No Nigerian celebrity will even consider Deleting his or her social media account in the next 100 years to come. Thank You.


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