Has Wizkid won Grammy Award? List of Wizkid awards won. Nigerian Singer.

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It is the aspiration of every musician on Earth and Saturn to at least bag one Grammy Award.

This is because the Grammy Award is the biggest ever in the music and entertainment scene. Hence getting one will be a dream come true.

But despite how difficult and farfetched the Grammy may seem, winners emerge every single year. Yea, tons and tons of people from different parts of the world including Africa win in various categories.

Has a Nigerian ever won this prestigious award? Or better still, let’s narrow the question down a bit… Has Wizkid won a Grammy Award before? When?

Ayodeji Ibrahim Balogun ( as of the year this article was drafted ) is the biggest artiste in Nigeria. He’s even considered Africa’s best by millions out there.

Fondly & most popularly called Wizkid, this singer is responsible for countless beautiful Nigerian tunes. He broke into the spotlight following the release of Hola At Your Boy and went on to build a solid niche for himself.

Wizkid has amassed several local and international awards, he even has his name permanently crested in the World Guiness Book Of Records for his wondrous contribution to the music realm.

But has Wizkid won a single Grammy award before?

The answer to this question is a Big Fat NO, and that’s for obvious reasons.

  • First, most of his songs do not pass direct messages (that is, of there so pass at all.)
  • He lacks that creativity to play on words (Pun)
  • Without filter and auto-tune his voice is not exactly pleasant to the ears.

Irrespective of these Wizkid is a superstar and we love him.

In a long run we envisage him clutching not one or two, but innumerable Grammy awards all to his name and glory.

So you have your answer.

Wizkid has Not won a Grammy award since his career as a musician began. But he has been able to emerge winner in several local and international awards. See a list of some awards Wizkid has won below.

List of some Wizkid awards won.

  • Best International Act: Africa’ title from BET 2017
  • ‘Best International Act’ – MOBO 2017
  • Award for ‘One Dance’ hit – ‘Hip Hop Song of 2017’ (the prize was given by iHeartRadio)
  • ‘Young Person of 2017’ – Future Awards Africa
  • ‘One Dance’ – ‘Song of 2017’ by Echo Award
  • ‘One Dance’ song – ‘Top R&B Record’ of 2017 by Billboard
  • Winner of MTV Europe Music Prize as the ‘Best African Act’ 2016
  • MTV Europe prize, the ‘Best Worldwide Act’ 2016
  • ‘Artist of 2016’ by The Headies
  • MTV Africa Music prize for collaborating with Absolut – 2016
  • ‘Best male’ title -MTV Africa 2016
  • ‘Artist of the Year’ – MTV Africa 2016
  • ‘Song of 2016’ by ‘The Headies’
  • ‘One Dance’ – Teen Choice 2016
  • ‘Pop Artist of 2015’ by City People Entertainment Award
  • ‘Hottest Single’ in 2015 and 2014 Nigeria Music Award in entertainment sphere)
  • BET ‘Best International Act: Africa 2012

The full list is nearly endless. Kudos to the 28 years old singer.




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