Selling woman pant with menstrual blood – underwear money Ritual technique.

Woman pant.


When it comes to making money, everything can be done regardless the oddity or nefariousness of the act.

Especially during festive seasons like, every personal property can be converted and used diabolically.

Trending right now in Africa countries as part of a get-rich-quick ritual is the diabolic act of stealing and selling ladies underwear, particular pants stained with menstrual flow.

This ritual was invoked late 2017 and has become very popular In 2018.

The females are the victims of this brand new wickedness, and they have proven to be very easy preys as a result of their carelessness.

This is a get-vigilant post aimed at educating the masses, female mostly about the latest devils in town, Pant thief’s.

Pant thieves could be anyone. That is why it is advisable to never trust even your closest relatives with your underwear.

A single used female pant is said to go for about 50,000. But when the pant is stained with the menstrual blood of the woman then you have hit a jackpot. It can be sold for as much as 500,000.00 and not lower than 300,000.00 naira.

Take preventive measures. Do not dry your underwear outside carelessly. Make sure you keep an eye on them and endeavor to pack them inside once they are dried.

Know the number of panties you have. And if one gets missing search diligently for it. If possible ask your neighbours if they saw someone remove it. Some good Samaritan may have seen the thief.

When going to visit your boyfriend carry one or two panties so that you can monitor them well. Some careless ladies go along with their 20 panties in the name of hygiene and end up forgetting over 6 or 10.

Menstrual blood on pants is the latest gold in Nigeria and some other African countries. Don’t be a victim.


Your guess is as good as mine. These panties of ladies stolen are taken to diabolic places for spiritual exercise.

It is believed that these exercise affect the destinies of the owners of the blood stained pants negatively but bring wealth to the other party.

Even at night your pant can be stolen through your window. Guard them preciously these season.

Some shrines with powerful native doctors have been revealed where this pants are carried to. See some below:

No accurate direction now. Bear with us as we update this article. Thanks.




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