Yahoo boys tips: Carding, bombing, phishing, loading, formats, cloning, plus rituals etc.

Yahoo boys tips.


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The Internet has taken over basically everything life stands for except breathing. This is no joke; people now work online, find love online, marry online, school online, worship online and the rest. And that’s because the economy is growing, and whoever in this computer age says he or she is jobless because the government don’t want to create empowerment sectors is either an idiot or an absolute moron.

If you don’t want to make a legit living online then by all means do yahoo yahoo, otherwise known as internet fraud or scamming.

Yahoo boys are the real deal these season. They drive some of the most expensive cars, live in luxurious apartments, have collages of girls running after them, use the most costly phones and all that. And the best part is that they dont have to work their arses out.

Please pay attention. If you are reading this article then I want to assume that you have decided to take that bold step and become a yahoo boy, yahoo for or whatever it is you call yourselves in your area.

I will give you some of the basic yahoo boys tips to become successful.

Let me tell you something. You can never find these tips on the internet for free, unless on this site.

And even on here it is not always we share yahoo formats for free.

Most websites will require you to pay 5000 naira for a single format. It is an eBook housing pdf formats and tips of the latest yahoo formats used by successful yahoo boys.

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You can either buy from us or from them. The choice is yours.

But that is by the way for now. I want to put you on on some tips these Gee boys use. G Boys are smart people. I know this because I know a lot of them.

Matter of fact these PDFs i sell come from them. These successful yahoo boys want to share their secret formulas with every interested person.

Let me just give you a list of some of the yahoo boys tips you should know as a beginner.

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Yahoo Boys Tips 2018.

Bombing: Do you know what bombing is and how to Bomb clients? It is very important and you will find it in our pdf.

Phishing: You may have heard of phishing but don’t know how to do it. Phishing is a technical process and it is very essential if you must succeed. Very essential.

Loading: Believe me. You need to be your own loader. You can learn loading in our pdf.

Carding: This is one of the fastest means to bill your MAGA. Carding pays like magic. You can find everything about carding in our pdf.

Video cloning application: This application is a hot cake for this kind of business. It helps you make video call with your client freely while your client will be seeing the image of another person whose profile you used. The application is so magical that it will make the lips and body movement of the image your client is seeing correspond with yours.

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Gift cards and itunes card formats:

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