How to Bomb clients on Facebook. Bomb facebook clients. Yahoo boys tips.


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Bombing clients is a very important technique yahoo boys and girls use in their day to day scamming pattern.

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It is a very useful ingredient needed to catch and bill the right maga.

First of all, before i go deep into what bombing is and how to bomb facebook clients let me first explain some of the terminologies.

Client: This is a prospective prey. A client is any person singled out by internet fraudsters ( yahoo boys) as a target for duping.

Maga: Maga is another word for client.

Bill: This is the process of demanding money from your client for a specific purpose. This purpose is not usually true.

In terms of yahoo plus the demand may not be for any purpose at all. Once a client is hypnotized he can be cajoled or deceived into sending money for no reason.

Formats: these are the techniques adopted by yahoo boys to bill their clients. There are several formats. Some are; dating formats, engineering formats, contractor format, itunes card formats, gay formats, military formats etc.

There are other terminologies but we won’t be going into them here. There is what is called phishing, loading, carding and much more.

This article we will be discussing lightly on what is called Bombing and how to apply it on facebook.

What Is Bombing?

Bombing is the act of scouting for clients on different platforms. In other words, it is the process of looking for maga that you can chat, deceive and finally collect money from.

You can bomb magas from different social media. But in this post you will learn how about facebook bombing clients.

What is Facebook Bombing of Clients?

This is when a yahoo boy or girl creates a fake facebook profile to use and lure clients.

The true act of bombing involves searching for rich unsuspecting people and adding them as a friend.

Once you have them as friends you can then begin to apply whatever formats you want to use in billing them.

How To Bomb Clients On Facebook? To Get Sure Clients On Facebook.

Bombing on Facebook is usually very difficult these days because of the strictness of the media.

Mark Zuckerberg and his partners have made scamming on Facebook a lot more difficult than it used to be.

It is almost impossible to open a fake account nowadays, and believe me, you won’t want to use your main account for bombing to avoid being caught.

So, How Do I Open A Fake Account And Bomb Clients?

Is it possible to still create a fake facebook account? The answer is yes. This is how you do it.

When you want to open the account open with your name. This is because facebook might ask you to verify ownership and you can easily do so.

Once verified begin to add friends. Do not add a lot of foreign friends at first to avoid being blocked, and do not add people that know you too well. Note that if you add too much friends or get too much requests your account will appear suspicious.

Allow the account to carry your true identity for a while.

After like a month or two change your name and profile picture to the one you want to use. You won’t be blocked.

I have over 12 facebook accounts with different names and locations using that pattern.

When you now have your working profile set up it is time to begin bombing clients now.

One facebook group where you can get sure clients is Power Of Positivity. CLICK HERE to check it out.

On that group you meet genuine clients with broken spirits. It is usually easy to catch a maga there.

When you join the group search through their members and make your choice.

If you are using the dating technique try to go for older clients. There are easy preys.

Another group is Plenty Of Fish or POF. CLICK HERE to check it out.

You will find different groups with the name. The true one usually has the most likes. Join it and begin to go through their members. Add as many as you think will be potential clients.

Note that Pof has a website too. One of the most popular in the world with over 70,000 daily new members. Top Gee guys go there to sort out their clients.

But is not open to Nigerians because of the notoriety of Nigerian scammers. So before you register there you MUST change your IP address

Changing IP address is not free. You need about 40,000 to do this on a normal. But you can contact to get your IP address changed for as low as 20,000 naira.

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Or you can just make do with the little knowledge you’ve gathered. You just might succeed.

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