Cheapest sites to advertise business, market products in Nigeria. Promotion websites.

Cheapest sites to advertise business, market products in Nigeria. Promotion websites.

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Advertising means getting yourself, goods and services known by many, if not everyone. 

In the days of old, before the internet was taken seriously, advertisements were only done using the crude methods. 

Some of the ways people advertised stuff then was via billboards, Televisions and Newspaper. 

These media were generally expensive back then and covered limited locations. For example, getting your business featured on TV could cost as much as #50,000.00 (Fifty thousand naira) back then, which of course was serious money.

These archaic methods of ads covered only a limited area. For example, if you advertised your business on NTA TV station you would have only those livibgbin Nigeria see it.

So when online advertisement became predominant people took advantage of it not just because it is cheap but because it has no boundary.

Google AdWords is the leading online company in terms of advertisements. If you advertise on Google you have billions of people all over the globe viewing your business and this will definitely increase your customer base. People shy away from google because of its price list.

But there are other sites and companies that offer advertisement services and for a very low fee. These platforms are very cheap and affordable even for new businessmen And women.

Their advert rates are friendly and they bilk you monthly while exposing your product to thousands and millions of customers out there.

Do you needed the cheapest sites to advertise your goods and services? Do you need the cheapest websites to promote your music, videos, comedy and career? Do you need a cheap site to sell your products? Then please continue reading this article to get to know some of the best and reliable agencies in Nigeria where you can advertise your goods and services.


You are just beginning your business and do not have the capital to go for the big fish advertising platforms like google and Facebook? Relax, there are other trusted and reliable websites that you can advertise your product cheaply.

  1. Eremmel is an online news, entertainment and lifestyle website. Basically eremmel covers every sphere of life and talks about even topics other websites dread to discuss. It is a well optimized website that generates the bulk of its traffic from search engines. On our advertisement charges are considerably low to enable even small scale business owners advertise with us. We charge a stipend of #20,000.00 (twenty thousand naira) regardless the banner size your advertisements take. You can send an email to to book a space for your ads.
  2. Akpraise is a website and online magazine. It covers mainly entertainment stories. Akpraise is one of the cheapest sites to advertise on. Although not as cheap as eremmel, it also offers quality promotional services. Placing an ads on Akpraise media costs about 65,000 – 100,000 naira and they charge according to the banner size.
  3. Yabaleftonline: this is another reliable site to advertise on. You can see yabaleftonline advertisement price list on the site.

There are other credible websites there offering old and quality advertisement services, but these are the cheapest and the best.

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