Http injector settings Glo. Download apk ehi, config, Mtn, Airtel, iOS Android.

Http injector settings Glo. Download apk ehi, config, Mtn, Airtel, iOS Android.

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Glo free browsing cheat is out and selling on various platforms. Trust Nigerians to love awoof, they flood in their numbers just to get these settings that will enable them browse free using their Globacom Sim cards.

An application taking over the internet in the free browsing world is the Httpinjector.

This tool has really been helpful and many people have been enjoying the internet free using it. 

The apk works on all Android and iOS devices. so if you have an Android or iOS phone and you are not browsing free then you are wasting that phone.

Httpinjectors settings for Glo Users.

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Glo free browsing cheats abound. But there are just few that give you the kind of fast service this app does. 

Glo browsing tweak with httpInjector.

If you are an Mtn user please see How to configure Httpinjector to browse free using MTN.

Please Note that the cheat doesn’t work well on older SIM card. You can try and see if it work well for you. Please use the comment box to drop your feed back.

For Glo users follow the prompts below to setup your http injector for browsing free using your Glo lines.

Your Glo Sim.
Your Android Smartphone
Strong Network
HTTPInjector App – (Download Here)
HTTPInjector Glo Config – (Download Here

Procedure :
=>> Download HTTP Injector vpn and the Glo Config from the link above.
=>> After installing HTTPInjector, launch the VPN app.
=>> Tap on the Paper icon located at the top-right corner.
=>> Tap on Import Config and locate the Glo Cheat 2018 file and tap on it to import .
=>> Finally, tap Start to connect. It will connect within 10 seconds. When it does connect, launch your browser and any app and start browsing in full speed.

Another tweak is:


  • A working Glo SIM card with at least 1MB data
  • A strong 3G/4G network
  • Migrate to Glo Jollification plan by dialing *603#
  • HTTPInjector VPN on your phone


Download HTTPInjector VPN to your phone from Then get a working Glo Jollifi8 SIM card or migrate with the code above and make sure to have with at least 1MB data on the SIM.

Now download the GLO JOLLIFI8 CONFIG FILE and import. 

Then continue by adding the same configuration as you did in the first method.

This works like magic and people are still soaring the internet freely with it. 

If you encounter difficulties or have any questions use the comment box below. Happy free browsing Glo users. Glo with pride.