How much Regina Daniels earns per movie. charge. paid. collects. film.

How much Regina Daniels earns per movie. charge. paid. collects. film.

December 27, 2018 1 By Admin


One of the biggest movie industries in the world is Nollywood. In fact, if you ignore Hollywood and Bollywood, Nollywood is the next big thing.

It is Nigeria’s official movie industry and reckoned as one of the best in the world, the third best actually.

Since its inception this factory has thrilled Nigerians to amazing home videos, films and programs which not only entertain but educate as well.

The actors and actresses in it are superb, battling day in and out to give the masses their best.

Considering the reputation of this great Movie producing industry, a lot of people are curious as to what Nollywood actors and actresses earn.

A lot of actors and actresses live flamboyant lifestyles while some of their colleagues barely manage to feed.

This has brought several questions like; How much do Nollywood actors earn, How much do Nollywood actresses earn, how much does Mercy Johnson charge per movie? Who is collecting the highest amount of money for a single film? Who is charging higher in the male category? Who is the lowest paid actor in Nigeria, Richest Nigerian actress, richest actor, richest Nollywood actress, richest Nollywood actor, most paid actor, most paid actress, how much actors and actresses are charging per role, how much actors and actresses are collecting per role, this and that.

This article will however focus on one of Nollywood’s youngest actress, Regina Daniels, her net worth, Regina Daniels cars, Regina Daniels house, Regina Daniels husband (that she doesn’t have), how much money she earns per film or per role.

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Regina Daniels is without doubt of Nollywood’s most stunning actresses. And she’s just 18 years old ( as of when this post was drafted) but controls millions of naira, thanks to her talent in and passion for acting.

After finally breaking through in the industry the young star has decided to pitch her tenth firmly at the apex.

What she charges per role is mouth watering, and as some people think, Too Much.

However, nothing good comes easy, hence if you’re looking for someone to master a role then you’ve got to have your big bucks ready.

Seriously, big cash big actor or actress. So…

How much Regina Daniels Earns per movie?

Check out how much Regina Daniels collects per movie below.

Regina Daniels disclosed that she gets paid nothing less than #600,000.00 naira to play a role in a movie.

In case you got the figure wrong, she earns Six Hundred Thousand Naira for every role she plays.

That’s some serious cash.

Do you think the teenage actress deserves so much for her acting or is she just being over paid because she’s beautiful?

Share your thoughts below.