How to create fake bank account online; Login, funding, 419 foreign account, balance script etc.


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The internet is a while new world on it’s own. If it had a soil I bet everyone will relocate there.

There’s no limit to the number of amazing things you can do using the power of the internet. Fortresses are being built online, empires are made and crumbled, marriages kick up online and much much more.

And people still crave more. Online Banking.

But this post doesn’t teach you about online banking, if you need knowledge on that then visit your bank. However you will learn how to create a dummy bank account online in which you can fund it with makeshift money. Pretty cool huh?

You can call it a fake online banking script, and people use it for diverse reasons.

Let eremmel create one for you.

Things you should provide us with:

* The URL name: Something like or any url of your choice.

* The theme colour: Page colour. We can always set a default colour for you which suits all banks.

* Default Account Balance to display: Setting your bank balance is also an added convincing factor to fool anyone into thinking the Bank’s site is real.

* Currency: What currency would you like the bank to operate in?

One of the reasons why many people want to create this fake bank script may be to prank their friends and loved ones.

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A lot others set it up to scam people. This is the work of yahoo boys and yahoo girls, aka G boys and girls. They are internet fraudsters looking for potential Victims to dupe. They call these victims CLIENTS or MAGAS.

But we do not care who is in need of this knowledge, we are just here to help spread the knowledge. After all, even the Bible says a person who keeps a particular knowledge to himself is a foolish person. So, we will be showing you how to set up Fake Bank online where you can transfer fake money into, check your fake balance, make your fake funding transactions and so on and so forth.

So are you ready? You’d better be.

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First thing first. This bank account will appear as real as possible and can fool even the smartest of minds.

The bank setup is sophisticated, requiring a user name and password to access the account information.

Once it is created it takes the URL about 2 hours to propagate after which it comes up live, even on google.

You can create this website for yourself after reading our expository pdf guidebook.

Those who may not be able to go about it themselves can easily hire a staff of eremmel to do it for them at #54000 (fifty four thousand naira only) = $150. (Note that you will have to send us a sample of what you’d like the site to look like.)

Cost of hosting the bank site may incur up to #10000 (Ten thousand naira) per year, which is paid directly to the hosting server.

Disclaimer: This article and the pdf is not meant to promote fraud or any form of internet abuse. It is solely meant for educational and informational purposes. Hence shall not be held liable whatsoever.

This is prized information. We have created a pdf format of everything you’ll need to know. It offers a step by step guide to creating your very own fake banking account.

You can get the pdf format from us and read it. It details very simple steps to creating your own fake online bank account. The pdf costs #10,000 (Ten Thousand Naira).

Fake bank account.
Even you can do it. Buy & read our pdf telling you how.

Only interested persons make their interest known via the comment section and then send an email to Once received, you will be given an account number to pay into.

After payment present us with proof of payment. It could be a bank teller or screenshot of the transaction.

Once it is confirmed the pdf will be messaged to you.

No knowledge is wasted. Work with us.



If you are interested in joining our secret WHATSAPP and TELEGRAM group to meet other Gs, and get exclusive tips, tools and formats for just #3,000 email . ONLY INTERESTED PERSONS.


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