Kenneth Bramor biography: profile, net worth, wives, contact phone number etc.

Kenneth Bramor biography: profile, net worth, wives, contact phone number etc.

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Very little is known about Kenneth Bramor except the very obvious fact _ he is a multi billionaire in Nigeria.

Ken Bramor ( as he is fondly called) is a top notch oil magnate in Warri. According to news making rounds he was born and raised there.

Not from a wealthy family Kenneth sought to build an empire out of nothing. But with determination and devotion to service his breakthrough wasn’t far off.

Kenneth got married to his first wife Timi. It was with her that he had his first four kids.

Things went sour and their relationship hit the rock and they got divorced.

Not long after rumoured filtered in that the billionaire business man was dating a popular pretty interior decorator, Ehi Ogbehor.

Kenneth Bramor biography.
Ehi Ogbehor & Kenneth Bramor.

It became public news when in 2017 Ken and Ehi literally shut down the city of Warri with their lavish wedding ceremony which remained the topic of the town for months.

Kenneth Bramor biography.

Their marriage ended as quickly as it began when 8 months later Kenneth Bramor reportedly divorced Ehi on the grounds of Infidelity. It was gathered that Ken discovered that Ehi was still sleeping with her boyfriend Richard, who is popularly known as Duke of Spade, and that the son she bore Kenneth was in fact not his biological child but the product of an illicit extramarital romance.

After his breakup with Ehi Ken was later spotted hanging out with his first wife again. He even went on to get her a Rolls Royce worth 280 million naira to appreciate her for being by him from day one.

Kenneth Bramor biography.

His second wife two months ago came out with a staggering accusation against her ex husband claiming that he was a ritualist who sacrificed his mother for money and attempted using her and her baby for blood money rituals too. She however came out to revoke her words and apologize to Ken not long after.

It is painful that very few people believe that some wealthy people actually worked very hard for their money. Very painful indeed.

Ken Bramor is a Philanthropist and has a foundation for orphans. He’s also given out thousands of scholarship to Warri youths and others.

Kenneth was the first person in Nigeria to purchase the latest 2019 version of Bentley Super Luxury Mulsanne Extended Wheel Base with custom plate number named after his family name Ibuere. As a matter of fact, he was the only Nigerian to own that vehicle when this post was drafted.

Kenneth Bramor biography.
Kenneth Bramor biography.
Kenneth Bramor biography.

Kenneth Bramor Wives: Ehi Ogbehor, Timi.

Kenneth Bramor Net Worth: Ken is definitely one of Nigeria’s richest men. Aside his Oil business he is a desultory investor. He also has other businesses scattered across the globe that rake in cool Money. His net worth is estimated at 580 billion dollars.

Kenneth Bramor phone number: We do not have this information yet. But you can always contact him via his Twitter: KENNETH BRAMOR TWITTER.

Kenneth Bramor house address: NA

Kenneth Bramor email address: NA

Kenneth Bramor Children:

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