Cloning app for yahoo. Android, iPhone, laptop version. Video cloning software.

Video cloning app.


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Where there is a Will, there is a Way. This popular saying goes very well with the yahoo boys and yahoo girls in Nigeria and abroad.

Video cloning app.

Every workman needs his tools. Well, this article is not about tools and what-not. It is all about enlightening you all on about the latest application in town called the video cloning application.

The video cloning app is a software that clones video calls.

What do I mean by CLONES VIDEO CALLS? The application alters the visuals of video calls to conform with its settings.

This may sound very funny now but I’m sure with further explanation you will get to understand.

What is a cloning application: A cloning application is any software that mimics the performance of an original software but with certain upgrades.

A video cloning application on the other hand mimics the performance of a video call application but alters the visuals of the software.

What I mean is that, when using a video cloning application you can set a particular face you will like the third party to see while making the call.

This is quite easy with the software in that you get to upload and set the photo of the person whose face you want to be displayed during calls.

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NOTE that when the picture is set, the lips of the person moves in perfect synchronization with yours. Whatsoever gesture you make is also mimicked by the cloning photo.

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Cloning app download.
By pdf for all yahoo formats on eremmel.

A cloning app is really helpful in performing prank calls. However, it has found ample relevance in the hands of internet fraudsters, both boys and girls. They call themselves G boys and G girls – Gee boys and Gee girls.


My dear friend, you can NEVER download a cloning application for free. This is because of the relevance yahoo boys have put on the application and also the sensitivity of the app.

To get a cloning application online will cost you nothing less than $500 (180,000.00). That is why most people have chosen to purchase theirs with us.

On eremmel we have both the cracked version and the uncracked version of the video cloning software.

One significant difference between the cracked and uncracked version is the photo limits.

For the uncracked version the number of photos you can upload that will be used as display pictures during any video call is limited, whereas with the cracked version you can upload as many photos as you want.


If you are serious about getting a cloning application them email .

The price remains 35k for the cracked version and 25k for the uncracked version of the software.

How To Use The Cloning app.

Once you’ve paid and the app has been sent to you via mail, do the following…

  • Download the application’s components from your mail.
  • Install it on your device by following the on-screen prompts (installation wizard)
  • Power the app. Activate it.
  • Set it as your default video call app.
  • Then go to your gallery and select the photo you’d like to use.
  • Upload the photo to the app.
  • Set it as your display picture
  • Call your client.

When all these have been done you can comfortably make video calls. 

Avoid showing your genitals because the software does not change your s*x organ. Read about the app features.

This information is for only a hose interested in getting the cloning application. If you are not interested kindly ignore this article and keep moving.

Share till it reaches other interested persons.

Thank you.


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  1. chairman na me buy d app yesterday 4rm the programmer. Abeg how i won take activate the audio bcoz my clients dem no d hear me? Abeg put me on boss. One love

  2. Boss abeg I mistakenly deleted the app from my system. Please check your records you will see that I have already made payment for the cracked version. My name is Raymond Martel in email. Please help me.

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