Enugu private money lenders. Borrow, loan, individual, rate.

Enugu private money lenders. www.eremmel.com


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Enugu private money lenders. www.eremmel.com

Normally loans were given exclusively by banks. These institutions charged quite a lot for interest.

This saw to some private individuals coming out on their own to be loaners. They have gathered a lot of customers due to their low interest rates.

People dread taking loans from financial organizations like the bank. They prefer private people to banks.

As it is, being a Private Money Lender is a leading business now. If done meticulously be sure to rake in tons and tons of cash.

Hence this article. On here we will be sharing with you some personal loaners where you can go to borrow money for whatever reasons.

And their interest rates are quite friendly too. This kind of investment has been available for quite some time now and more and more people are delving into it.

This article covers private companies or private persons in Enugu state who give out loans for a small commission.

The collateral is equally friendly. You can try to reach them if you have a pressing need and you will definitely be seen through.

These people are known by several names; emergency loan givers, loan givers, quick online loan or loaners, instant online loan, instant loan, soft loans, 24hrs loan in Nigeria, urgent loan givers, instant cash, personal loan givers etc.

Note: Never give out your sensitive details to anyone in the name of receiving a loan. Be sure you trust the individual or company’s credibility first.

Are you in Enugu state and need a loan? Get in here. Enugu loan service from private individuals can really be of immense help to you.

This article covers all parts of Enugu state.

Some areas and cities are; 9th mile corner, achi, abor, akwuke, agbudu, agbogugu, akegbe ugwu, akpugo, Nsukka, Udi, Awgu, Oji River, Ezeagu, Nkanu west, Enugu north, Enugu south, Enugu east, Isi Uzo Uwani, Aninri, Udenu, Ngwo, Igbo Eze north, Igbo Eze south, Igbo Etiti, Eha Amufu, Ohum, Abor, Achi, Enugu Ezike, Ugbo, Mmaku, Okpogho, Inyi, Umulokpa, Obimo, Nru Nsukka, Abbi Uzo Uwani, Umudim, Aku, Obolo Always Ibom, Awka north.


As you already know, it’s a wicked world. And unless you’re a bank, giving out details like these requires a high amount of caution. That is why we will not be sharing the contact details of these private money borrowers here but via email.

Follow the prompts below:

  • Comment your interest and how much you need on the article.
  • Send an email to eremmelonline@gmail.com still staying your demand and location.
  • We will provide you with the phone numbers and whatsapp contact of a loaner nearest you.

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  1. Please I urgently need a loan of 100k to settle my school fees before exam on the 18th of January
    Contact : 08062696825

  2. Pls I urgently need a loan of #100,000 to settle medical bills. I’m located at enugu state. Pls it’s very urgent.

  3. Am Chibueze Timothy, am in dare need of a loan possibly from the amount of #60,000-#100,000 before this weekend

  4. Please I need a loan urgently to further my education.. My registration will soon expire..please its urgent

  5. I need a loan of 50,000 to grow my business. I’ll pay back 10th June. I’m in Nsukka and I’ll be glad if I get the loan before Tuesday Next Week.

  6. I need a loan of 120,000 to be paid back in a month time. It’s very urgent. Just 30 days I will pay back.

  7. I urgently need a loan of 100,000 for a hospital bill so they can allow me go home after delivering my baby through c-section. My number is 09058200472. My acct no is 0006708968 Access bank.I will pay back in 3 months time.

  8. I urgently need a loan of 100 thousand, for my poultry business, pls connect me to money lenders quiclky, I live in nkanu west enugu, I hope you get back to me very soon, thank you

  9. I need loan to support and expand my business.. I live in Enugu .. Imt campus .i realy hope someone will respond to me soon.. 08168460497

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