Emmanuella net worth Forbes 2019, dollars. Biography profile.

Emmanuella net worth Forbes 2019, dollars. Biography profile.

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Emmanuella net worth. www.eremmel.com

Emmanuella date of birth: Born on the 22nd of July 2010, Emmanuella is Mark Angel’s niece.

Her full name is Emmanuella Samuel.

Although her parents are still alive, Emmanuella has lived with her uncle Mark Angel since she was a baby.

Her uncle Mark discovered her talents right from when she was a toddler. He realized she was capable of being influenced positively and worked towards making her the girl she is today. He groomed her and introduced her to showbiz.

Education & Primary School life: Emmanuella attends one of the most respected schools in Port Harcourt. She began doing comedy in primary one. She is also a pupil of Mark Angel acting school.

Emmanuella came to be famous when she took up the role in a comedy video that was supposed to be played by another kid who was absent for some reasons. She performed incredibly well despite having very little time to rehearse.

Emmanuella net worth. www.eremmel.com

Ella shot into limelight after her unique performance in the renown comedy skits MY REAL FACE.

As a fast learner it doesn’t take her up to three trials to grasp a particular scene.

According to Mark Angel, whenever a scene seems too difficult she goes to sleep. Once she wakes up she acts it as if it were a piece of cake.

Emmanuella has also featured in movies. Rumours went round that she was to feature in a foreign movie.

Her first stage appearance was at Julius Agu’s show. There she performed as an upcoming act. Even though it was her debut stage performance, Ella killed the show and had everyone laughing and gasping for breath within few minutes of mounting the stage.

She also made another appearance on Funnybone’s show.

Emmanuella is an influential kid in Nigeria and a role model to many children. Funny as it may seem, this little girl is also a role model to some 30 years old women and mamas in Africa.

She was recently crowned The Richest Nigerian Comedian in the category of her peers.

Through her uncle’s connection, Emmanuella has met a lot of big names in the entertainment industry. Musicians, actors and actresses, dancers et’al are always very happy to meet her. Even business tycoons love this small girl. Her net worth in dollars can make your jawbone shatter.

How much money does Emmanuella make per video? Emmanuella and Mark Angel make millions from their comedy. Currently, she is the richest kid in Africa and probably one of the most influential in the world. Bottom line is, this girl makes serious cash.

Research has it that her uncle Mark gives the child’s family a certain percentage of the money they generate from their YouTube channel and shows.

Does Emmanuella have a car? What do you think?


Emmanuella net worth is only an estimate. Considering it is impossible to ascertain at a particular time the income stream of an individual, all what Forbes works with are close estimates.

Check out Emmanuella net worth in dollars below. You can convert it to naira and marvel at how much cash she rakes in.

How much is Emmanuella worth?

Nigeria’s richest kid is worth…

$500,000.00 – Five Hundred Thousand Dollars.

No one knows how much she earns per video. But we know for sure that a single YouTube video sends in millions.