Samuel Ogulu biography; Burna Boy father, Fela friend, Bose Ogulu, house address, contact etc.

Samuel Ogulu biography; Burna Boy father, Fela friend, Bose Ogulu, house address, contact etc.

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Samuel Ogulu, Burna boy father biography.

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He may not be as popular as his son is, but Samuel Ogulu is a renown and respected name in Nigeria. This short article tries to highlight the few things about him that has sipped online. In the course of reading, do well to comment on certain aspects of his life that were not included in the article to help us update it.

Samuel Ogulu is the father to one of Nigeria’s leading recording artiste and songwriter, Damini Ogulu aka Burna Boy.

He is also closely linked to legendary singer Fela Anikulapo Kuti in that his wife is the daughter of Benson Idonije who was the first manager of Fela Kuti back in the days.

Samuel is from Mbiama, Rivers State, Nigeria. In his youthful days he (Samuel) was a lover of music, particularly Fuji music and highlife.

Samuel Ogulu story.

His wife’s father was Fela Anikulapo Kuti’s manager. Little wonder his son (Burna Boy) always infuses an aspect of Fela’s brand in his music videos. His wife’s father, Benson Idonije always fancied musicians and the gods smiled on him when his daughter conceived and brought forth Burna Boy into the world. It was a dream come true.

Hometown: Mbiama, Rivers State, Nigeria

Wife: Bose Ogulu

Children: Damini Ogulu, Ruonami Ogulu, Nissi Ogulu.

Samuel and his wife are lovers of music. That is why when their son chose music as a career they were quick to support him. To prove their endorsement his wife even managed Burna Boy at some point until he got a new manager.

In 2017 Samuel Ogulu was drill for over two hours by the Investigating Police Officer (IPO) who asked him to produce his son who was currently on the run for his alleged involvement in the attack on David Abiye alias 2Kay.

Growing up, Samuel had to listen to the music of Fela even though he initially never liked them. However, as time went by, and as his father Benson Idonije continued to play the legend’s tune he (Samuel) developed a soft spot for not only the tracks, but for Fela himself.

Samuel Ogulu is married to Bose Ogulu with whom they had three children, 1 boy, 2 girls.

Burna Boy is not only the first child but the only male child. He is also one of Nigeria’s best musician. He is famous all over the world for tracks like Ye, Gbona, Deja vu, Smoke some weed, Tonight and a lot more tunes.

On June 19 2016, media experts, business personalities and friends gathered to honour singer Burna Boy’s grandfather Benson Idonije – who was Fela Anikulapo Kuti’s first manager – as he turned 80.

Burna Boy’s parents also stepped out for the event which held at Freedom Park on Lagos Island. The crowd was agog at the sight of Samuel Ogulu whom they termed the rare gem whose chip thrills them with great songs.

Samuel Ogulu net worth cannot be ascertained. However, it is only fair to assume that his son’s money is his money, hence Samuel is worth millions of dollars.

He lives in his mansion in Port Harcourt with his wife. It would be unsafe to publish his house address and I’m stunned you’d even expect such info.

Mr Samuel is a lover of anything moderate. You can tell from his simple cars, simple lifestyle of avoiding media attention as much as he can and also for grooming a simple and easy going son like Burna Boy.



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