Free dating sites to bomb sure clients, bill money & get rich quickly


Dating sites to get sure clients.

Dating and hook up sites to meet nice and rich clients.

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Sure clients.
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Every yahoo boy is desperate to get a client. And not just any client, a rich maga that will pay well and big. These kinds are called Sure Maga or Sure Client.

How do you find wealthy clients online? Are they specific sites to get rich white men and rich women as potential clients?

I have created this post as an answer to the question my readers keep asking about Getting stinkingly rich clients and how to milk them. So if you are planning on taking your game higher then I advice you read to the end.

Although the topic says ‘Free Dating Sites,’ not all the sites are free.

I have selected the top free dating sites and the top paid sites that you can join and be sure to cash out soon.

Free Dating Sites You Should Try Joining If You Want To Meet Sure Clients.

Table Of Content.

  • Pof

  • Eharmony

  • Xdating

  • Facebook

  • Twitter.


1. Pof: Pof is a site I recommend for anyone who is serious about making from the yahoo game. It is an entirely free site with thousands of people joining the website on daily bases.

The site is not accessible to Nigerians because of incidents of scamming. So if you are still using your Nigeria’s IP address you won’t be able to join Pof.

What you need to do is purchase or create a VPN. Use a foreign IP address and you would not have a problem.

2. Eharmony: Although the number of yahoo boys and G girls on this site is high, it is still one of the best paid dating sites to meet rich clients. The site boldly tells you the number of members that get married to themselves daily after brief online romance. That alone should tell you that your chances of meeting gullible clients is very fat. You can Join Eharmony now.

3. This site is a goldmine when it comes to mining for rich clients.

On here you will find h*rny widows and divorcees who are very desperate.

I guarantee you if you play your cards well and use your formats accordingly you will have meet more than 10 sure clients who will pay you well. Like Eharmony you need to subscribe send messages.

4. FacebookFacebook is the world’s freest dating site. And the good thing is that almost all rich people have facebook accounts.

How to get a rich clients on Facebook.

One advice I give to upcoming Gs is Never Use Your Real Facebook Account to do yahoo yahoo. Create a fake profile.

But these days Mark Zuckerberg and his team are blocking more fake accounts than they used to. This is because they have updated their algorithms. Nowadays before you even finish creating your fake fb account it has already been blocked.

But you can learn how to create a strong facebook account and prevent it from getting blocked.

Once you have followed the steps in the article on the link above to stop facebook from blocking your new account you can then proceed to searching for rich clients on the media with the following steps.

  • Using the facebook search icon, search for names of big companies in foreign countries. Normally members of these groups are wealthy aristocrats and big time business tycoons.
  • Join the groups.
  • Become active in such groups.
  • Make useful contributions to get yourself known.
  • In no time you’ll have created a little presence there.
  • It won’t take long for friend requests from these high class men to start flooding your inbox with messages. From there you can kickstart your career.

5. TwitterTwitter is a tricky place to get good clients. However, you can still meet some magas there who will pay you well.

A friend of mine meets most of his sure clients on this platform and this is what he does.

  1. First login to your twitter account.
  2. Search for Plenty of fish using the twitter search icon.
  3. Go through all posts accounts that pop up and begin bombing for clients.
  4. You will meet desperate people there.

Ps: We sell pdf files for every yahoo format. #2000 for a single format and #15,000 if you are buying our entire eBook with over 25 different latest formats. Interested persons should email to get theirs.

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