Format to collect credit card number from clients; details, data & other information.


Ways to collect credit card number.

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As a Gee boy, one of the easiest ways to make safe money is by getting your client’s credit card details. This allows you to spend from your client’s account from any destination.

There are several ways to collecting credit card info from a potential clients and all of them are working perfectly.

The format is so potent that even if your client reads this article, when you apply it he or she will still fall yakata.

I will run you a little summary of how the whole stuff works out and even go as far as telling you some of the different techniques to use in retrieving your client credit card number, including the CBC number.

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How to collect credit card number.
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Different ways to collect credit card number from your client.

  • Phishing format
  • Call-the-client format
  • Dating format

1. Phishing Format.

Tools and requirements.

  1. A ‘Real’ fake website.
  2. Fake email address.

How to go about it is detailed in the pdf. We even provide you with where and how to create a fake website.

Basically the phishing format is all about cajoling your client into inputting his credit card details on a webpage that looks strangely genuine.

The webpage has to be created by you. It is a very easy process so don’t be scared.

Once you get him to punch in his data you retrieve the data at the back end.

With the latest 2019 phishing format you have a 96% assurance of success.

For example, if you want to collect your client’s facebook login detail you can create a fake facebook site that has a login page which looks exactly like the real Facebook login page.

But since no site can have the same domain name, yours may be something like . No one will notice the difference between when the login page is the same as the original one.

When you serve your client the link and he clicks on it. He will then try to log into his account. Immediately he types in his data you will receive it on your site’s dashboard.

2. Call The Client Format.

Tools and Requirements.

  1. A foreign number
  2. Fake accent
  3. Your clients name and some other details.

How to go about it.

Put a call across to your client claiming to be from the Security department of his bank. Tell him or her that security has been bridged, and that someone believed to be an unauthorized person attempted transferring a certain amount from his or her account.

Furnish your clients with the details you have just to convince them.

Then begin to ask them some security questions. Also inform them to visit their bank or they can just answer some few questions via the phone.

Ask their card number, CVC number etc.

Once you get these information thank them and proceed to flex your new credit card.

3. Dating Method.

Anyone can use common for this one.

I am not revealing any further. Purchase the pdf for just #2000 and get full details and guideline.

How to collect credit card number.
Complete pdf guide to collecting credit card information from clients.


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