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Video call application.

The features of this powerful software will leave you stunned.

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Video call. Download pdf yahoo format.

The problem most yahoo boys and girls face is the video call problem.

This is a time when their clients demand to have video conversations with them. They become sweaty and desperate. Most of them even end up casting themselves.

Not everyone is aware that there is a perfect software you can use in solving this problem. It is the Video Cloning Application. Read the features of the cloning application here.

With the application you can change your facial appearance to that of anybody whose picture you upload to the application.

Ps: YOU CANNOT USE THE APP FOR S*X CALLS BECAUSE IT DOES NOT CHANGE YOUR GENITALS. I keep stressing on this because people come back to complain that they’d given themselves up when they tried to make a video s*x call.

The application has a cracked and uncracked version as you’d see if you read about its features.

What the cloning app does is simple. It alters your video call, and instead of the person at the other end seeing your face, he sees the face on the picture you uploaded to the software.

The app does not change your voice so you have to work on that yourself.

The app does not give you another s*x organ so be careful not to engage in illicit calls.

Be careful and focus the camera on your face only to avoid exposing your remaining body parts.

So far this is the Best cloning app ever. It is the solution of your video call problem.

Those interested can BUY this software from us. It works on iOS, android, laptops and tabs. Read this article.


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