Video cloning app for whatsapp video call yahoo boys use to fake faces.

Whatsapp video call cloning app.


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Whatsapp video call cloning app.

As a yahoo boy or yahoo girl, they are some certain basic work tools and applications that if you do not have you MAY never be able to collect money from even the dumbest clients.

This is no joke. From time to time you meet with really d*mb whities who only need one thing from you to enable them send money, A VIDEO CALL.

How to make video calls without showing your real face but the face of the person you are pretending to be becomes the problem. But it is only selfish Gees who don’t want to spend their money to purchase the right apps that will help them make more money that will have this problem.

There is an application called the video cloning app that does that and it is called the VIDEO CLONING APPLICATION.

This article talks on how you can use this application to make a video calls on whatsapp.

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NOTE: You can use the video cloning apk to make video calls on other media platforms like Facebook, Imo, Skype etc. All you need to do is set it up after installation and Check the box that says ‘Allow This Software To Override System.’

The video cloning application is a really cool app. Big boys use it to make video calls comfortably with their clients without hiding their faces. Also learn how to use the cloning app

I can tell you with a 99% certainty that all the top yahoo boys cruising big cars and living lavish lifestyles use this application to fool their magas. You can join them if you like, or you can continue doing whatever you are doing that IS NOT working for you.

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The Software has been banned in several countries for its sensitive nature, and this has made it very rare. You can barely find it being broadcasted online because people use it for fraudulent activities.

Its sensitivity has also given it a very high online price if you are buying it directly from its developers in China _ We’re talking hundreds of dollars.

You can read this article => Features of the video cloning app to find out how amazing this tool is. But let me run a little summary on what to expect.

* The cloning app for video calls comes in two versions – The Cracked version and the Uncracked version. Both have different prices.

As expected, the cracked version is more expensive. This is because you do not have to subscribe monthly while using this version. Also, the cracked version allows you to upload unlimited number of photos to the app and use any of them as your display face during video calls.

The Uncracked version on the other hand comes with a monthly subscription fee and you can only upload a few photos to the app memory.

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Prices of the different versions of the whatsapp video cloning application.

Remember, they are two versions – the cracked and uncracked. Before buying this software be very sure the one you need.

For those who do not intend making yahoo yahoo a career should buy the uncracked version. Once they make a hit they can quit the job. But if you intend continuing the Gee hustle then I’d advice you to save up for the cracked version if you don’t already have the money.

The online price for this app is between $300 – $500 (Three hundred dollars to Five Hundred dollars) or thereabout. And that was 2 years ago when we purchased it. And we got just the Uncracked version.

With the help of our computer engineers and programmers we have been able to crack the software and now we offer both versions at subsidized rates.

UNCRACKED VERSION = #25,000 (Twenty five thousand naira)

CRACKED VERSION = #35,000 (Thirty five thousand naira)

Those interested in getting the cloning application for whatsapp video calls should email for your copy.

The cloning app works for Android phones, iOS, iphones, iPads, tabs, laptops etc.

We also sell pdfs of all billing formats you can use to bill your clients. A single pdf goes for #2000 (two thousand naira) while the entire eBook is #15,000 (fifteen thousand naira). Those interested should contact via email for their copy(ies).


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If you are interested in joining our secret WHATSAPP and TELEGRAM group to meet other Gs, and get exclusive tips, tools and formats for just #3,000 email . ONLY INTERESTED PERSONS.


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  1. Hey bossman am impressed with ur teaching and OT , bro l want that Cracked version , how can l get it and the payment , dm

  2. Bros pls guide me on how to use d cloning app. i have install it on my phone and open it but i dont know how to set it so dat d audio will work. i just mailed u now. pls reply. thanks

  3. Boss I bought the uncracked version but now I won upgrade bcoz I no fit d pay dis Dia monthly sub and I get multiple accounts . Abeg I fit add small money so u fit give me the cracked one? I like d app. E too much. I Don mail unable tire. I made a mistake to buy the uncracked one instead. Please help a niga. My name is Danmilz I just bought one from u last night help me plz.

    • No room for that kind of upgrade chairman. If you need the cracked version you have to pay the full price. After all you will have both the cracked and uncracked versions with you.

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