How to bomb Facebook for rich clients. Yahoo boys tip.



How to bomb facebook for clients.


As a Gee boy or girl, if you have been struggling with a particular client for more than 4 months without cashing out then two things are involved: either your client is dead broke or you are using a completely outdated and messed up format. Step up your game.


On this post I will show you a very easy way to bomb for rich clients on FACEBOOK, so pay attention.


What Is Bombing? Bombing is the process or act of searching for clients. Clients are potential magas. Magas are those people who are dumb enough to fall for your scamming scheme as a yahoo boy.


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This article will be very brief but informative. Endeavor to follow it accordingly if it must work.


So this is it.

  1. Create a fake social media account.
  2. Add Rich and popular people.
  3. Target the friends of these rich people.
  4. Pick one, two or three targets.
  5. Create Awareness – Get Noticed by your clients to-be.
  6. Keep commenting to spread your colours everywhere.
  7. Message them.

1. Create a fake social media account: The first step to meeting with sure clients that have enough money is by creating a social media account. My friends like to use female profiles because it quickly gets them the attention they are seeking for.


If you want to use Facebook read on  how to create a strong fake facebook account that cannot be blocked.


After creating the profile proceed to make it look legit. Pimp it with photos of the person whose pictures you are using. Make sure you add a caption to every photo to add extra modicum of authenticity.


When you feel your account is ready move unto step two.


2. Add Rich and popular people: Add men of high social status. You can even add someone like Donald Trump for example.


3. Target the friends of these rich people: Once you add rich people you will immediately have access to their friends’ list.


4. Pick one, two or three targets: What you need to do now is scroll down Donald Trump’s list and begin to mark potential clients, bearing in mind that the rich roll with the rich.


Note: Avoid scamming public figures. Avoid it like a plague. They will track you to the end of the world, rubbish you and get even more popular for doing that.


Once you have added Donald Trump you will begin to see the calibre of people that comment on his post etc…go through their profiles one by one and make your choice.


Once you have selected a rich client then move on to creating awareness stage.


5. Create Awareness – Get noticed by your clients to-be: Don’t just feel because you used the photo of a very gorgeous girl people will start chasing you to get scammed. Sometimes you gotta take the bull by the horn.


Create awareness by commenting on status and photos of these people you have marked as potential magas.


6. Keep commenting until your colour touches everywhere: Like their updates, comment on their photos and updates. Tag them in photos sometimes.


7. Message Them: After all these they still don’t message you then you go ahead and message them first. Most times they want to message you but are either shy or scared of ruining their reputations.


By using this format you are more likely to meet rich clients that other yahoo yahoo boys and girls who use archaic methods to bomb clients like email blasting et al.


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Don’t just keep this information to yourself. Other Gees may need it. Sharing is Caring.


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