Cost of online advertising in Nigeria. Advert Rate & price.

Online advertising in Nigeria.


Online advertising in Nigeria.

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As a business or brand owner, advertising your stuff becomes very expedient if you want to reach across to lots and lots of people. And with the massive technological leap, online advertisement has become the surest and easiest way to take your business across borders.

Harnessing the numerous online advertising platforms is the one of the wisest things any business owner should do. The benefit is limitless.

Different website and blog owners charge different fees for a slot on their platform. The differences in price is as a result of some of the reasons below…

Confirmation Checklist for online advertisement – Cost of online advertising should depend on…

  1. Generated Traffic.
  2. Site’s Optimization.
  3. Search Engine Presence.
  4. Site’s Current Rank.
  5. Site’s Estimated Future Rank in the next few months.

* GENERATED TRAFFIC: Of course the primary aim of advertising online is to get your business across to many people. And you can only achieve that by advertising on a site with an appreciable amount of visitors daily.

However, you need to be careful because most sites with ample visitors actually pay for these automated traffic which won’t help your business in any way.

* SITE’S OPTIMIZATION: A well optimized site ranks well onĀ Google and other search engine.

A lot of website owners and bloggers are not conversant with post and page optimization and tend to rank very poor despite being in the business for years. is barely four months old (as of when this article was composed) but we can boast of an outstanding search presence as a result of our wonderfully optimized post. You can check out our search presence on and compare it with other sites. We have an impressive 65 to 80% search engines generated traffic.

* SEARCH ENGINE PRESENCE: I’ve basically talked about this on the previous subheading. A good site to advertise on should have a good search engine presence. This means you would have customers from virtually all parts of the globe _ unless you don’t intend taking your business international.

* SITE’S CURRENT RANK: The ranking of a site is another important factor to take into consideration when searching for a reputable platform to advertise on. will show you the ranks of every site both globally and locally. That is to say on Alexa you can check the global rank of a site as well as how the site ranks in its own country.

While checking a site’s rank it is advisable to compare the site’s Rank to how the website has been in existence.

A well optimized site will rank significantly higher than a poorly optimized one even though both sites were established on the same day. ranks better than most sites that were created 5 years ago even though we are just 4months old. Our optimization is superb that in the next two months we see ourselves topping charts. ADVERTISE WITH US. CONTACT US AT for your ads placement at subsidized rates.

* SITE’S ESTIMATED FUTURE RANK IN THE NEXT FEW MONTHS: We’ve touched this already. When advertising online do it on a platform with the propensity to climb higher.

Sites that get most of their traffic from search engines are not on these category.

For a site to be considered as very likely to flourish it must have attained a certain rank in a short period of time and is one of those sites.

Advertising with is the best decision you’d make. Not only are our prices affordable, our reach is intercontinental. Try us today. Email .



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