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Do you intend using a female profile to work but do not have the right pics to run the military format? You can buy unique pictures at very cheap rates now.

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One of the most popular formats used is theĀ military format. This format involves you pretending to be a military personnel from a particular country.

The problem most Gee boys or yahoo girls who want to employ this format face is ‘Where to get unique Military photos.’ The problem is even bigger for those who intend operating using female profiles. How do they get NOT SO USED military women photos from?

This is a very big problem because most scammers repeat photos and the photos have become widespread. So if you want to appear original you’d need to come up with photos that have not been used too often.

This article will tell you where you can get such unique pictures from. Mind you the photos are not free, but they are worth paying for.

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