Best format to bill clients with. Yahoo boys, scammers tip.



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the truth of the whole matter now is that yahoo yahoo is no longer as easy as it used to be. If it were young boys and girls won’t go to soil their hands performing dirty rituals in  the name of yahoo plus.


Everybody ones to make millions in the game but only a few want to use their head.


Let me first tell you why the whole thing feels very difficult, why it feels like nothing else is working.  It is because the formats being used have already been known by the white folks. Every Gee needs to keep himself or herself updated about the latest scamming pattern so as to be on top of their game and not run broke. If you want to pick you must observe the latest methods in totality.


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There is a particular billing method that seems to work all the time. And guess what,  you don’t need the video cloning application while using this format. It is called the Assassin format and the reason why it works like magic is because it instills fear in the mind of your clients.


The Assassin format is a very interesting format. It is also quite simple to operate. You don’t need too many tools for this format.


Best format to bill clients.
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Basic Tools Required For The Assassin Format. 

  1. Two or three foreign numbers.
  2. Two fake email addresses.
  3. Fake social media profiles.
  4. Google Voice changer app.
  5. VPN.


How the assassin format works. 

Like I said,  the assassinformat is a very simple one. You really don’t need to stress yourself. What you basically need to do is get a good and wealthy client on a dating site and make her fall for you. If course this shouldn’t be a difficult task.


The next thing you need to do now is begin getting personal with her. Exchange photos,  addresses, numbers and emails.


Call her from time to time with one of your foreign numbers (depending on the country you’d be claiming to be from).


if she has a child the better for you. The technique works best when your client is a single parent. Get to know her child’s name,  where he schools etc.


After a long while, while still pretending to be in love with her call her with your other foreign number and claim to be…


Getting the PDF will definitely open your eyes to the flawless nature of this untapped pattern and style. I don’t mean to brag but it has worked wonders for tons of people who purchased it from us. It is the latest assassin method  in town and goes for #2000 (two thousand naira.) Interested persons should email

The Best Format Ever. Test & See. 


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