Alexx Ekubo phone number; Alex whatsapp contact, email address, social media profiles etc.

Alexx Ekubo phone number; Alex whatsapp contact, email address, social media profiles etc.

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Alexx Ekubo phone number.

Born on 10 April 1986, Alexx Ekubo is a Nigerian actor and model. He was first runner up at the 2010 Mr Nigeria contest. He won the Best Actor in a Supporting Role award at the 2013 Best of Nollywood Awards for his role in the Weekend Getaway.

This popular Nigerian actor is also a model and a runner up of Mr Nigeria contest years back. He likes to identify himself with the nickname ‘Ikuku the Breeze.’

Alexx Ekubo phone contact.


Having a one on one conversation with your favourite music star can be really exciting.

A tingling feeling courses down your spine just like the one you get when you discover you’re your crush’s crush.

It’s even more rewarding feeling when you get the phone number or Whatsapp numbers of cute actors and actresses.

We’ve taken the pain of gathering as much contact details of some celebrities you may like.

This article however focuses on one of Nigeria’s most handsome actors, Alex Ekubo. We will be giving out Alexx whatsapp number to fans who feel a little distanced from the young man, mostly the female fans.

But be warned, not all celebrities enjoy being bugged by fans. While a lot of them treasure the love and attention, an even larger proportion don’t.

We’re not sure where Alex falls so when you get the details tread cautiously to avoid piquing him.

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Note that for security reasons and to prevent abuse of numbers by fans most celebrities do not like their numbers being published. And in cases where it somehow leaks online they tend to change their contact asap. You may or may not connect with Alex using phone numbers but you will definitely be heard via social media.

Alexx Ekubo phone number: You can always reach the talented rapper via this number…

Alex Whatsapp number: No known number yet. You can reach him via his social media handles.

Alex Ekubo Facebook Username or page: FACEBOOK.

twitter: Follow on twitter: TWITTER.

Alex Ekubo InstagramINSTAGRAM

Alexx Ekubo Website:

Manager Contact:

Home address:

Email address : Email address for Booking.

With the above contact details you should be able to reach out to Alex anytime.

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