Frederick Leonard phone number; whatsapp contact, Instagram, Facebook, twitter email address etc.

Frederick Leonard phone number.


Frederick Leonard phone number.

Frederick Leonard is one of Nollywood’s Leading Men who has Successfully carved a viable niche for himself in the movie industry!

Fred was born on the 1st of May, He is the first child of two, a native of Anambra state in Nigeria and a Biochemistry Graduate who ventured into Mainstream Acting in 2008 with his debut, A classic movie titled “Indian Doctor” and the hit TV series “Disclosure” in 2009 after which he has been on a sky high demand till date.

As an Actor, Fred is driven by his passion for the Arts and firmly believes in impacting the society at large with the delivery of his superlative and endearing talent which has thereby brought to his gains several awards, including Best Actor AFRIFIMO AWARDS and Best supporting Actor GIAMA AWARDS.

Frederick Leonard phone contact.


Having a one on one conversation with your favourite music star can be really exciting.

A tingling feeling courses down your spine just like the one you get when you discover you’re your crush’s crush.

It’s even more rewarding feeling when you get the phone number or Whatsapp numbers of cute actors and actresses.

We’ve taken the pain of gathering as much contact details of some celebrities you may like.

This article however focuses on one of Nigeria’s most handsome actors and screen personality, Frederick Leonard. We will be giving out his whatsapp number to fans who feel a little distanced from the young man, mostly the female fans.

But be warned, not all celebrities enjoy being bugged by fans. While a lot of them treasure the love and attention, an even larger proportion don’t.

We’re not sure where this guy falls so when you get the details tread cautiously to avoid piquing him.

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Note that for security reasons and to prevent abuse of numbers by fans most celebrities do not like their numbers being published. And in cases where it somehow leaks online they tend to change their contact asap. You may or may not connect with Fred using phone numbers but you will definitely be heard via social media.

Frederick Leonard phone number: You can always reach the talented rapper via this number…

 Whatsapp number: No known number yet. You can reach him via his social media handles.

Fred’s Facebook Username or page: FACEBOOK.

twitter: Follow on twitter: TWITTER.

Frederick Leonard InstagramINSTAGRAM

Fred Leonard Website:

Manager Contact:

Home address:

Email address : Booking email –

With the above contact details you should be able to reach out to Fred anytime.

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  1. Good day sir wen ever i send u text u dnt reply me i dnt no why, maybe am nt up to ur standard am sorry, if am nt up to ur expectation that does not mean u wil be snubbing my massages i truly want to join ur movie industry plc am nt asking 4 toomuch plc help me mr perfect this is my contact 09024329920 , my name is dorin thanks have a nice day

  2. I really love ur movie and I wish to see u one day…. And u can contact me with my phone number: 09131244858

  3. Hello sir i really love ur movies it is so good and i will love to act with you can you give me a chance to come into ur movie industry i can art.i will be happy if u consider my request to join you and pray that i will be included in ur movie industy thanks sir and have a nice day u can contact me with 09042984898

  4. I really don’t know where to begin will start from the beginning. There are many imposters trying and wanting to be you. An envious spirit is a bad omen. I’ve been approached by a man saying he was you. My God !! The nerve of people. If this was you please email me for confirmation @ Thanks so much for your prompt attention. God Bless!!

  5. Please sir may GOD Help u i dont know if u can add me also to ur movie group sir i beg of u i really want to act movie sir i do watch ur movie sir and i love it sir if u can do this for me may god bless u sir am esther u can call me on this no 08020552672

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  7. good day sir , pls sir try and settle down i can understand wat u re trying to say ,but all d same i believe God will give u d right woman as a wife. i christiana will also pray for u

  8. Gud morning sir,i just want to appreciate ur effort on most of ur movie it really admirable keep the gud work sir,i will like if u can also help me in my movie career i wish to follow ur steps also i hope u read my message sir.

  9. In case u didn’t get this yesterday, I guess it’s only fair I send it again.
    Well… are a good actor,no disputes there but sorry to bust ur bubbles but that’s the last reason why I enjoy your movies. Being a lover of the English language, your phenomenon grasp of grammar and superlative construction of vocabulary was what drew me to your movies.Well…keep it up as it inspires people to work better on their spoken English.

  10. Sorry if my comment yesterday offended u, it was meant to be a complement and not an underhanded insult.

  11. Good morning sir,how are you doing this morning hope all is fine over there please I just want you to been my friend I know that am not up ar qualities to been your friend please just add me to your WhatsApp so we can just talk like brother and sister thank you 23408139705849 thank you I will be grateful to you and God Almighty thank you

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  14. You are good in acting I love the way you act I want to be like you can I be your friend I wish you will say yes to are good in acting and a very standard young looking man I must say I love very thing you do keep it up

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