Burna boy family; pictures, sibling, sister, brother, mother & father photo.

Burna boy family - www.eremmel.com


Topping the Nigerian music scene currently is the amazingly talented singer Damini Ogulu, popularly known and referred to as Burna Boy or Oluwa Burna.

It’s quite unfair to talk about the egg without the chicken, hence in this post we won’t be talking only about Burna but his family members as well.

So brazen up, get your goggle set to gawk at wonderful photos of Burna Boy family members, each and every one of them we have been able to pry into.

Unlike Wizkid Family members which include his baby mamas, Burna boy is among the few Nigerian musicians to NOT have a baby mama even though a certain lady, Uju Stella fingered him out as being responsible for her pregnancy once upon a time which he blatantly refused. This narrows our article to just his mother, father, sister.

Meanwhile, Burna boy emerged winner of the just concluded BET Awards in the Best International Act Category. His mother gave an epic speech which got her trending for a considerable while.

He is currently dating British Rapper Stefflon Don and the duo have an absolute relationship going on. Rumour has it that Burna Boy intends tying the knot with Stefflon. She made that known in an interview. in her words she said…

“: “Burna Boy is my baby. This is my ring. Next time, it would be his on my finger. I mean, he told me. I’m not just making things up. He’s Nigerian and you know Nigerian weddings are really big. I love Nigerian culture, it’s amazing. I met him in Ghana. I was in Africa for a show. Then, I missed my flight. He also had a show where he performed and I went to the show. The rest is history baby. “He told me I was going to be his wife and you know how boys always talk shiit. I didn’t remember he said that. But he told me and I was like ‘whatever”


  • Burna Boy Father : Samuel Ogulu.
  • Burna Boy Mother : Bose Ogulu.
  • Burna Boy Sister: Nissi Ogulu.

It’s interesting to note that Burna Boy’s sister Nissi is also a musician who has several amazing tracks to her credit.

Checkout some of their photos below…

Burna boy family - www.eremmel.com
Burna Boy and his Dad.


Bose Ogulu, Burna's Mum. www.eremmel.com
Mother and son.


Nissi Ogulu. Burna's sister. www.eremmel.com
Burna Boy’s sister.
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