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Dwayne Johnson mother. www.eremmel.com


The apple does not fall far away from the tree. Some will say The Rock has wrestling in his blood. These phrases are well suited and aptly used in every sense.

Dwayne Johnson mother. www.eremmel.com

Dwayne Johnson aka The Rock is a celebrated Hollywood actor who, as of when this article was drafted was the highest paid actor per movie. He charges a staggering amount of money for a single movie that will shock you to the marrow. And guess what, he gets it. See how much he charges for a single movie.


Dwayne Johnson was born into a family who loved wrestling. His father, Wayde Douglas Bowles aka Rocky Johnson was a renown wrestler in his days. He got married into a prolific Samoan wrestling family, by marrying “High Chief” Peter Maivia‘s daughter Ata Maivia. Ata met Rocky after Maivia and Johnson were tag team partners in a match on the independent scene. Maivia disapproved of the relationship—not because of anything personal against Johnson, but because of Johnson’s chosen profession, as he knew first hand how hard it was for the wrestlers’ families who were at home while they were constantly on the road or in the ring taking a beating or giving it.

Aside the fact that Ata is well loved and cherished by her son, nothing major is known of her on the internet. Unless you want to talk about the surprise house her son got her on Christmas in 2018 that got the internet talking.

She was born Feagaimaleata Fitisemanu Maivia and she hails from a prolific Samoan wrestling family. Yeah, we are just going to go with Ata, because that is one long name. Her father was the High Chief” Peter Maivia and her mother, Lia Maivia, was one of wrestling’s few female promoters.

It was not odd at all when she fell for a wrestler, coming from a family like her’s. Life as a wrestler’s wife was not glamorous and her father knew it when he expressed disapproval for her union with Rocky, but the heart wants what it wants, until it doesn’t. In 2003, her marriage with Rocky Johnson ended and we guess they have both been flying solo since then.

The rock mother. www.eremmel.com

Dwayne Johnson mum has been a strong driving force in her son’s life and we know for sure that he does not joke with her. Dwayne was forced to come face to face with the possibility of losing his mother, and also his cousin in a fatal auto crash that happened in 2014.

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