Bobrisky parents; bobrisky siblings, sister brother father mother family etc.

Bobrisky parents; bobrisky siblings, sister brother father mother family etc.

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Who doesn’t know Bobrisky in Nigeria. This guy I nearly more popular the our current president is. His name has travelled far and wide with both positive and negative vibes. Bobrisky is a transgender, a transvestite and is allegedly a gay.

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Born Okuneye Idris Olarenwaju in 1992, Bobrisky finished his or her secondary school education from King’s College, Lagos situated at Lagos State. S(he) also supposedly attended graduate school at the University of Lagos, (UNILAG).

In May 2019, Bobrisky confirmed that her pronouns are “she” and “her” after receiving several misgendered comments on her instagram profile.

Bob has been in the news for many reasons. In fact, just three days to when this article was drafted police raided the venue of the crossdresser’s birthday party an shut down the place. Guests were embarrassed and asked to retire home. Reason for this raid was not revealed but the police was believed to be acting on intelligent report. Someone might have snitched.

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Many controversial stories exists regarding Bobrisky parents. While Bob claims his parents are late there’s been rumours that the young man is in fact ashamed of his background and has chosen to lie about his parents being dead when they are much alive.

It was uncovered that Bobrisky” mother is a popular trader in Lagos State, yet the cross dresser has more than twice come out to declare hat his parents are dead. As it stands more than half the Galaxy believe Bobrisky Parents are no longer alive. Bob is an orphan as long as 80% of Africans are concerned.


Bobrisky Parents. Are Bobrisky parents still alive? Who are his family members with images.

An interview with his mother in her provision store in Lagos brought about chaos online some months ago. Read what was said about Bob..

“Gleefully dishonest, intentionally ambiguous, eternally bored, and unfathomably manipulative, self-styled queen of social media, Idris Okuneye a.k.a Bobrisky is no doubt Nigeria’s ultimate master of deception. For whatever his/her reasons for denying his mother and to the extent of proclaiming the innocent woman of substance as being dead, the controversial cross dresser sure needs to see a psychiatrist.

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Stunning facts have emerged on the true position of Bobrisky’s mother and the woman is far from being dead. The woman of substance who’s popularly referred to as Alhaja Bollington is hale and hearty, in fact, she lives and has a big provision store inside Magodo in the heart of Ikeja, Lagos, this much Enquirermag can authoritatively disclose.

It is crystal clear that Idris Okuneye a.k.a Bobrisky is undeniably a chronic liar and like all pathological liars, they learned from an early age that they get punished more often for telling the truth than they do for lying. They get so accustomed to devious behaviour that they lie without much thought or emotion, their situation is that critical and, so it is, for the flash-in-the-pan cross-dresser who broke down in tears during the last Mothers’ Day to claim his mother is not alive.

Mum, I love you with all my heart, I’m hustle back to back to make you proud. Continue to rest in peace. I love you”, she cried in the Mothers’ Day video she posted on Instagram in March last year, 2018 and he also just posted another one recently.

The self acclaimed queen of snapchat has endlessly built his fame on multiple falsehoods, in fact his series of lies are pandemic that one wonders how he goes to bed at night. One of his biggest lies is the issue of his age, Bob who’s claiming to be a 1992 child was born in the 80s according to family sources.

According to Enquiremags and other impeccable sources, this is someone who was still at his mother’s 60th birthday sometime in November 2016 inside Magodo whilst she was still test-running his/her gender. Infact, we’re able to get a picture of him with one of his siblings on the occasion of the mum’s 60th birthday and we’re told he (Idris) and his siblings threw caution to the wind by engaging each other’s jugular, fighting over who should pay for photography, we gathered it took the intervention of the Magodo police to pour oil on troubled water.

”He lived his formative years with Alhaja inside Magodo, everybody knows them, they’re popular here, it’s just sad for him to be telling people his mum is dead, why does he want the woman dead, his mum is hale and hearty, nothing is wrong with Alhaja Bollington, she’s always in her shop where she sells provision, you can go there and talk to her”, the source told this magazine.

It will interest you to find out that Bobrisky’s mum, Alhaja Bollington is as popular in Magodo as his son on social media, if you doubt this, just pick a bike from Magodo gate and tell them you’re going to Alhaja Bollington’s shop, the provision store where she sells is on 47, Abdulquadri Street, opposite MRA office, Magodo Shangisha, Lagos.

Our indefatigable team of investigative reporters was at Alhaja Bollington’s provision store inside Magodo where we met with some of his siblings and also eldest sister, and fortunately the mum, Alhaja was inside her tenant’s shop, Mama Calabar where she was actually making her hair and nails on that fateful day. We did buy few things and recorded this video when efforts to talk to them proved abortive, we were actually warned to desist from bringing the matter up with his mum because that’s one pain in the old woman’s ass, the source told us she might break down for the rest of the day and it might spark other controversies.”