Credit card skimming app for sale. download cc skimmer apk 4 android & laptop pc

Credit card skimmer software.


In Africa, very many people don’t know about Credit Card skimming. This is because of the technological backwardness here and the use of very crude and ancient devices. But this is in fact a very popular phrase in developed countries where virtually every payment is done using your credit card.

Credit card skimmer software.



So, What Is A Credit Card Skimmer Application And How Does It Work?

In the olden days people used the skimming device. It is a small device that captures your credit card as you make transactions with your card. Thieves secretly place credit card skimmers over the credit card swipe at gas stations, POS and ATMs then return to retrieve the information captured later in the day.

Credit card skimming device.


This was a very fine way to get hold of the credit card details of so many people until the development of the Credit card skim detector app. But since the development of the Skim detector app for androids, the archaic skimming device no longer works well and an alternative was created. This alternative is an application for android, iOS and Pc users. It works using just your smart phone, an internet connection and the ATM Machine Serial number you want to link the skimming software to.


Where can i download the Credit Card Skimming apk from?

Back in the days when it was created, very little people knew what it was used for. It had its place in Google playstore with nearly no downloads. But as time went by news about an ultra-sensitive software that could capture the entire credit card details of a customer in a gas station or a buyer paying with the POS went viral and the software began to garner attention to itself.

In no time Google got wind after downloads on Playstore catapulted from a mere 1000 to 10Million in just one week. The application was put under scrutiny and later removed from play store for failing to meet with terms and being carrying too much sensitivity.

But before it got deleted as many as ten million people worldwide had already downloaded it.

For now there is just only one person i know of that has the application, and he sells it at a very very high price. You can contact him via if you are interested.


How to use the Credit Card Skimmer Software.

The first step to using this software is Buying it. Once you’ve bought and installed it then you can begin setting it up.

What you basically need to do is get the serial number of an ATM, POS or any device that requires Swiping debit cards to get access or payment. You will then input the serial number into the software to link the app with the machine.

Once this is done , the CC details of anyone who uses that ATM or POS will reflect at your end when you open the application. It will also show you the number of people that have used the machine per hour, day, week, month and year.

You can then write down the details in a piece of paper or you can begin to use them immediately.

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