Bank account hacking. how to hack bank accounts & transfer money in Nigeria and abroad.

Bank account hacking. how to hack bank accounts & transfer money in Nigeria and abroad.

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Hello and good day. I’m back with a mind blowing article for all the street boys and street girls there who want to blow before this year runs out. Today you will read about the different ways you can hack a person’s bank account using just your internet connection and some easy tools.

How to hack bank account.

Even though you can use this techniques you are about to learn to hack foreign accounts, I strongly recommend using it for local runs.

Nigerians are one of the most careless people on Earth. I’m not talking about hustlers like us, I mean the so called elders and mature men and women. They are so focused on being mature and elderly that they fall for every little scam method you can think of. It will be easier to hack a Nigerian account with the simple methods I will show you here and no one will be able to trace you.

A friend of mine taught me this methods and i even watched him try it live on an Ecobank account. The way he did it shocked me. It was very simple and i realized immediately that almost anyone can do it if the person has a little patience. He transferred 100,000 from the account. It was a woman’s account. Since he was just proving a point to me he later returned the money and messaged the owner to be very careful about who she gives out her bank details to.

I will show you two methods. The first one is a very old technique. The people that still use this old method don’t stand a good chance of success, but they are still very many people who will fall for this format.

Easy Ways To Hack Bank Accounts In Nigeria.

1. The Old School Bank Account Hacking Method:

Many of you are familiar with this method. You will receive a text message that someone has been trying to access and transfer money from your bank account, and as a result your account has been locked. To unlock the account call 080***********.

If you have received this kind of message before better know that these are hackers trying to hack your bank account. Ignore the message. Sometime you will be told to update your ATM because it has been blocked. Do Not Do It. I repeat, do not do it. It is a scam and your account will be immediately compromised.

There are tools you must have before you will be able to efficiently use this method.

  • Phone numbers of plenty people ( You can buy numbers from other Gees)
  • Bulk SMS Application – Bulk sms as the name implies helps you send a single message to different phone numbers at ones. It’s like Broadcast.
  • Card Verification Software ( To confirm if a card number is correct)
  • Laptop or high density mobile phone for instant transaction.
  • Strong internet connection.

If you have these tools ready then you are half way ready. How do you then do the hacking?

How It’s Done.


You send bulk messages.

The first thing you need to do is open the Bulk Sms and type in this message

” Dear Customer, we have noticed a suspicious attempt to transfer funds from your Bank Account, and as a result your account has been locked for security reasons. This is a step to forestall illegal fund transfer by malicious entities. Please call your Account Manager, Mr Adekunle on 080********** to guide you towards unlocking your account.”


Collect bank details from those who fell for the bait.

After typing the message send it to all the numbers you have collected. Many people will fall for the bait. Some very ignorant ones will even start calling back immediately to sort things out and unlock their accounts. When they call there are three things you need to get from them.

  1. Their Card Numbers
  2. The Cvc number of their cards – That is the security number at the back of the card.
  3. The Expiry date of their cards.


Begin to shop online and flex your money.

Immediately you get these information swing into action. Some people may discover at hindsight that you are a fraudster and rush to the bank to change those information, so once you get them begin to shop and buy things online. You can even fund your Bitcoin account with the details and transfer the money to your account later on.

The only disadvantage of this system is that people no longer fall for it that much. To expect maximum success with this method you need to have very many numbers on your Bulk Sms that you can bombad with that message.


2. New and improved method.

This second method I am about to reveal to you is very potent. You don’t need phone numbers for this one, and you may not even need the Card Verification software too. All that you need to do is create a website that sells stuff online. Note, all your sales must be online.


Create A Fake Website.

Since people love cheap things, this is the format you can use to get as much details from people that you can use to hack their accounts.

All you need to do is create a website that sells cheap stuff online. Then upload pictures of expensive perfumes, shoes, shirts to the site and put them up for sale at very cheap pices. If the perfume is sold originally for 25K, make yours 15 or 10k.

Creating a site will cost you some money though, but since you will make more money from it just do it.


Promote the website.

Use your fake facebook or twitter account to promote the site online until you begin to get customers.

Since it will be an ecommerce site people will have to pay for these products online using their debit cards.


Download the card details typed in by customers:

As people begin to shop they will type in their card number, expiry date and cvc to make payment. Record every card details down so you don’t forget.

When you have had enough log out from your Control Panel and immediately start surfing the net, looking for what to buy with the credit cards now in your possession.

They are some banks with very strong security systems. If a transaction is initiated online the bank will send a message containing an OTP (One Time Password) to the customer. The customer then has to type the code in a box provided online before the transaction can go through. If you meet these kind of cards with otps they might spoil all your work.

The secret is to continue trying until you get a card without too much security.


Need A Professional Web Designer?

If you cannot create a website you can meet a website designer to create one for you. They use scripts and codes. If you don’t know any good web designer contact to create one for you.


Phishing Websites.

If you don’t want to pass through the stress of giving your site a unique design just create a phishing site.

Phishing sites are those sites that mimic an original website in both looks. Unless you are very careful you won’t be able to detect when you are in a phishing site. The only difference between a phishing website and the original one is a small alteration in the url.

I created one phishing site back in the days to collect Facebook login details from some white people. When I had  enough details i shut down the site and put uo the domain name for sale.

Instead of I used and no one noticed.

As people were typing in their login details i was busy collecting their username, email address and password on the other end and used it to access their account and changed everything and even owned most of the accounts.

See the screenshot of my login page. Look closely at the url. I marked it so you’ll understand.

Facebook phishing page.

My Facebook phishing page that year

You too can create a phishing site for a popular ecommerce website to collect credit card details from unsuspecting customers.


How To Hack Bank Account With BVN Number.

To use customer’s BVN to hack their accounts you will need a third party. This third party needs to be an insider working in the bank the customer is banking with.

They have a software in banks that once you type in BVN of any customer it will scan the number and then the detail of the customer will come out.

This insider can alter the details and change the pin of the person. He can even remove the OTP so that if you want to buy anything online using the person’s card they won’t be notified.

It is not difficult to get an insider. Just promise the person a mouth watering percentage from the money you are about to make.

How can I hack a person’s ATM card number and pin?

You can easily do this using the phoning method discussed above.

I will continue to update this article. If you have any area that I have not touched but you are interested in tell me using the comment section and I will write an article on it.

Disclaimer: Information provided here are solely for educational purposes only. Once caught you will bear the consequences alone.

You no go fit chop the money alone. Share make your neighbor follow u enjoy.

Cheers. I’m out.