Shatta Bandle whatsapp number, real phone number contact, net worth, email etc

Shatta Bandle whatsapp number, real phone number contact, net worth, email etc

September 13, 2019 39 By Admin


Remember the short Ghanaian sensation who claimed to be richer than Dangote, Wizkid and the whole of Nigeria put together just to get the media attention? Well, he finally got it. Shatta Bandle is now a celebrity with thousands of people typing his name on google either to get a laugh or to contact him.

Shatta Bandle Whatsapp number.

Considering how much money he flaunts on the internet one of the frequent sets of people searching for his contact is the ladies. Yup. The girls won’t rest until they have got the Ghanaian’s direct phone number on their phones.

Shatta Bandle is a Ghanaian internet personality who is famous for claiming to be richer than Dangote.

His claim created mixed reactions from Nigerians. While some laughed it out as outright publicity stunt, a larger proportion of people were vexed by his audacity. This sparked a war on twitter and other media outlet that helped propel his fame.

He was born a dwarf in Ghana and was considerably inconspicuous until recently when he started making bogus claims and flaunting wealth online.

Based on findings, Nana Kojo Boateng popularly known as Dada Jo is the man sponsoring the whole Shatta Bandle stuff. He has been reportedly seen around the dwarf and many people believe he owns all the flashy stuff Shatta lay claims to online.


Shatta Bandle whatsapp Number.

This article is supposed to carry Shatta Bandle’s phone number and other means you can contact him. We will try to keep it that way by giving out different media you can reach the rich young nigga when you can’t contact him via his personal phone number.

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I don’t think the young man has any official media handles. If you want to get in touch with him on any social media outlet just log into the platform and search his name. He’s already very popular so you’ll get thousands of results.