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Shatta Wale Mother.


Shatta Wale is a controversial Ghanaian musician who finally came into spotlight after a long battle with obscurity.

Shatta Wale Mother.

Born Charles Nii Armah Mensah Jr. on October 17, 1984 to Charlse Mensah and Mama Elsie, Shatta is a Ghanaian-born producer and reggae-dancehall musician.

He formerly went by the stage name Bandana but that didn’t seem to suit his brand. His best known song is “Dancehall King”, which led to winning the Artiste of the Year at the 2014 edition of the Ghana Music Awards.

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Virtually all private details of the singer is known by fans and hater’s alike, but how much do we know of his parents, and for the sake of this article, his mother? Absolutely nothing right? Well, let’s change that.


Who is Shatta Wale Mother?

Shatta’s mum name is Elsie Evelyn Avemegah, better known as Mama Elsie. She married her husband Charlse Mensah many years ago and on the 17th of October 1984 gave birth to Shatta Wale.

She and her husband were discplinarians and loved education so they made sure their children did not end up as dropouts.

Elsie and her husband wanted Shatta to be a Lawyer but Shatta had his own ideas and the courtroom wasn’t one of them.

Shatta wasn’t her first nor only child but he was her most loved. Perhaps she saw potentials in him because she supported her son throughout his struggle to limelight and stardom.

Elsie hails from Anlo in the Volta region. She was born on 2nd October ,1955 and will be 64 years old come October this year.

Revealing circumstances surrounding Shatta’s birth, Elsie outlined how she had to carry Shatta Wale 13 months in her belly instead of the normal 9 months it takes to deliver a baby.

”My sister in-law accused me of lying about the pregnancy …meanwhile all the hospitals I visited showed that I was truly pregnant…but I was not conceiving…I really went through pains…It got to a time that everybody neglected me…one shocking thing was how the nurses taking care of me at the Police hospital got angry and neglected me while I was in labour…so I delivered Shatta Wale myself…I can recall how I was lying at de labour ward praying to God for his divine intention and finally at 9am Sunday morning I gracefully delivered Junior (Shatta Wale)”

She believed her son was ordained by God to be a great man that was why she carried him for 13 months instead of 9 months as is normal.

 “Shatta Wale was ordained by God to be great…he is special; that’s why it took me 13 months to give birth to him. So today being my birthday, I thank God for being alive to see my son grow to become a great artiste…I thank Ghanaians for praying for Junior”.

Of all her children Shatta is her favourite and mummy’s boy.


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