Yahoo boys app download. cloning software, formats etc.

Yahoo boys app download. cloning software, formats etc.

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As a Gee, getting the right tools is the first step to successful billing. But where do you get these tools? How do you make use of them to help your career? Is getting the right software a guarantee that you will make money from the street?

Yahoo boys software.

To start a Yahoo boy career you need orientation. During this orientation you will get to know what and what is required in the game. You will become familiar with the different billing formats that successful Yahoo boys and girls use, the softwares and other necessary tools.

For this article we will be telling you about some of the applications you need to set up a proper office and make money steadily from your clients.

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1. Video Cloning App: The first and one of the most important tools every rich Yahoo guy cruising around town gets first is the Video cloning software. This software is a magical tool that changes your face to that of anybody at all during a live video chat with your client.  With this app, if you are pretending to be Rihanna online and your client wants to have a video call with you, you can comfortably make the call using Rihanna’s face. With the app the lip movement synces up with your words. Check out the features of the video cloning app.

PS: There’s this thing about street hustle. Not everyone gets to have all the tools. Those that have want to be sole owners. Some people Will even go as far as discouraging you from buying these tools so that you don’t have to compete with them in the game. I want to make this clear now. sells the video cloning app called the Cloning Lite. Anybody telling you otherwise does not have your success at heart. There is the cracked and uncracked versions available and at very affordable prices of 35k and 25k respectively. Those really in need of the software can contact them. No one is forcing you.

2. Credit Card Skimmer App: This is another monster software that has been banned in several countries. It was developed by some programmers and sold on the Dark Web for $54,000 initially but you can get it at a reduced fee now. Contact for this software at $500. Note that you need to have an active VPN to be able to use the software.

This CC skimmer colllects credit card details from machines and devices they are connected to and stores them right inside their interphase. It also saves the CVC of each cards. Read more about the Credit Card Skimmer App here.

3. Fake Online Bank Site/page: Depending on the format you are using you may need to set up a fake banking platform to convince your clients the more. If you’re interested in creating one do send a mail to . They also have a DO-IT-YOURSELF PDF guideline for those with little knowledge on coding and programming. This PDF is sold for 10k. Read How to create a fake bank online to get more info on this.

4. Brute force software: Brute Force isna software top Gee boys and Yahoo girls use to hack into bank accounts and transfer money into other accounts. It is a powerful software, highly encrypted and easy to use. Contact to get yours at 54k.

5. Keylogger Pro: Read about Keylogger here.

Other Yahoo boys app include the following…

We buy tools. If you have viable tools or know someone who does and needs buyers please contact us on and we will get in touch with you.

Service to the street hustlers.



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