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2. Download Yahoo Boy App – Video Cloning App For Yahoo Download
3.1. Click Here To Download video cloning app Named “Clone Social” For Android
4. Are You Using iPhone?
4.1. Download Video Cloning App For iPhone
5. NOTE:
5.1. It is important to note that:
6. Video Cloning App ➤ How To Be a Yahoo Boy → Cloning App Apk:
6.1. Video Cloning App ➤ How To Be a Yahoo Boy → Cloning App Apk:
6.1.1. Video Cloning App ➤ How To Be a Yahoo Boy → Cloning App Apk: Video Cloning App ➤ How To Be a Yahoo Boy → Cloning App Apk:


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I strongly believe you are a Yahoo Boy who is in need of Video Cloning App For Fake Video Call and you’ve searched nigh and far to no avail. Well, that’s because you just don’t stumble on such a software on the internet. What you are looking for is banned in most parts of the world that is why you cannot just see it anyhow unless from the right source. And how do you contact the right source? You’re here already.

This article Covers Many topics, on How To Make Money as a yahoo boy, Yahoo Boys Latest Formats, How to Make money using your own website like mine here, and many others, Continues Reading if you are here for any of above listed keywords.

We have two video cloning softwares available. Our team of engineers and programmers have been able to crack them and remove the subscription fee. Now you can download and use these softwares and all their features without paying a dime.

One of the video cloning app Named “Clone Social“… As the name implies, is the first and only video cloning tool available. At first you could only get this on the Dark Web but now people troop in masses to for the software. This group of programmers and website engineers are some of the few people with access to this software. Contact now if you are interested in buying the software.

You can’t find this tool on internet or Google Play store, due to its illegal usage from time to time.

The video cloning app Named “Clone Social” is not a video editing app or an android app you thought can be found anywhere. Today, in this post I am going to reveal the hidden secrets your boss didn’t tell you and as well will tell yo the source you can buy this software from.

Download Cloning App For yahoo yahoo, cloning app for android, download cloning app for video call, cloning app for video call.

Learn How to become a successful yahoo boy Video – Cloning App:

Some basic tools you need to get as a beginner.
Get yourself a good Smart Phone/Laptop:

Grammarly: In this situation, your written grammar must be perfect all because you are claiming to be a person that resides in US or Uk. Hence, your
grammar needs to be perfect including your spelling check.

Video Cloning App ➤ How To Be a Yahoo Boy → Cloning App Apk:

 Dating Apps: There are a lot of dating apps which are active, not am going to mention some of them that are popularly know and which you will find in play store. Some are OkCupid,,,, e.t.c

VPN (Virtual Private Network):
Create Online Social Media Accounts:
Get a Foreign Phone Number:
Ask your clients for more chat on Google Hangout:
Video Cloning App – Cloning Tool:
Get your client’s Bank details:

With this app you will now be able to freely make fake video call on hangout, fake video call on facebook, fake video call on skype and on many other social media outlets in the world.

Have you ever ask yourself how do successful yahoo boys made it? see ehn.., for street no be who hustle pass the carry first. The truth is that “you can’t know what you don’t know”! People will keep hiding the secret from you because they don’t want you to be like them. Get it whilst it’s hot. This is the best way to get
your client/victim falling for you most especially if you are a man, using female account to work.

Now anyone can make a fake video call using the picture he uses on his profile on whatsApp, Hangout or Messenger, that sound like magic isn’t it?. But it’s true, and what’s even sweeter is that the app works on various media.
1. WhatsApp
2. Hangout



The tool is available for android phone users, iPhone users etc. That is OS and iOS.

Contact if you’re interested in getting the software. There’s the cracked and uncracked versions and they go for 35k and 25k respectively.

The cracked version has unlimited features. You can features of the cloning software to know how it works.

The configuration or settings is easy. The interphase is user friendly but set up must be made before making any call to avoid blowing your cover.

After you’ve gotten the app mailed to you, download its components from your mail and proceed to install it.

It provides an installation wizard to help you easily install every component of the software. Once it’s been installed follow the On-Screen command to properly set it up. Also don’t forget to setup the photo you would want to use as your face during the video call.

I am sure that those who have purchased the app are enjoying easy video calls now with their maga and are not afraid of being caught. Don’t allow fear prevent you from making money.

We have helped very many people make millions. A lot of them even come to show appreciation by giving us something from their proceeds. Someone picked 30million recently and shared 5million with us. Had to get myself a new ride from that cash and also took my boys out for shopping.

Making money isn’t difficult. You just have to be smart and not ready to be deterred by anyone.

How to be a yahoo boy and make millions through scamming people.

Formats are updated very often. Most times your client may not be responding because you are using an old format and he or she may have encountered another Gee who used the same format on them. That is why you need to be abreast with the latest formats and apply the right one at the right time. Get your formats from at subsidized rates. A single format is 2k while their entire eBook with over 25 different formats go for 15k.

Most people don’t play by the rules, life isn’t fair, so they feel they shouldn’t be fair too… I am only teaching you how to become a successful yahoo boy as a beginner without charging you a dime in this post, If eventually, You Want To Do Better Work That Fetch You Millions Monthly or you want to be a professional then you can join our whatsapp and telegram groups. Membership is 3k.

Get your tools ready and you’re good to go. The Yahoo Boys Orientation is not for everyone. Only those who are serious minded can make it in the street as a yahoo boy or a yahoo girl.

Video Cloning App ➤ How To Be a Yahoo Boy → Cloning App Apk:
Video Coning App – Yahoo Boys Format – Get your tools from

Without proper yahoo formats you will be wasting your blood. For example, the dating scam don cast. You can date and chat with a supposed internet lover for years and you won’t get a dime out of him or her. That is because this format is almost hackneyed. You need the latest dating scam to be able to squeeze millions out of your clients.

They are other formats too. We’ve written an article on some of the types of formats available and you can do any of them. Don’t let anyone tell you you can’t because that person just don’t want you to succeed where he failed. Put in your head and your best and you’ll be smiling to the bank often. Below are some of the scam or fraud methods you can still try

1. Dating & romance Scam
2. Investments Scam
3. Jobs & employment Scam
4. Debit/Credit card fraud
5. Email Scam
6. Over-payment Scam
7. Vishing (Telephone) Scam
8. CEO Fraud
9. Social Engineering
10. Invoice Re-direction Fraud Commonly Known As (Alibaba)
Listed Below Are List Of Professional Work I Teach On Skype, anydesk And WhatsApp:
1. Alibaba With Tools/Formats
2. Hack Any Laptop And Phone Anywhere
3. Bypass Any Credit/Debit Card Otp With Tools
4. Ceo Frauds With Tools/Formats
5. SMS Spoofing With Tools
6. Spamming With Tools/Formats


DISCLAIMER: Note that this article is only meant to educate and inform. is not in any way encouraging fraud and would not be held liable whatsoever.

If you want to learn how to become a rich yahoo boy Or Yahoo Girl, then this is the post you should read. You’ll be taught how to become a successful yahoo boy. This post is for everyone that wants to become a hustler. Read on and learn all you need to learn.

Before you become a successful yahoo boy who wants to venture into yahoo-yahoo, there are certain things you need to know and do
before starting off as a yahoo boy you need to know that this is entirely different from yahoo plus. Yahoo plus has to do with using rituals and other fetish means to compel your maga or client into obeying your every whims. It saddens me to see that many young boys and girls delve into yahoo plus without thinking twice. In a long run they will pay a heavy price as nothing fetish comes for free.

It is something that makes me sad when niggas leave yahoo for yahoo plus rituals. This is just because they where not guided, they don’t know the insight of it. Trust me, you can make as much money with normal yahoo yahoo brain work as you would with yahoo plus. If not even more.

Video Cloning App ➤ How To Be a Yahoo Boy → Cloning App Apk:
Video Cloning App – Complete Guides On How To Be a Yahoo Boy
Please Note anyone can start with Those Professional Work Listed above, provided you have vision to be free from poverty . If eventually You Are Ready to Join the official yahoo boys whatsapp group to Learn work wey go put food on your Table, Contact


Downloading the Video cloning app apk. Where can i download cloning app for video calls from? What website can i get the software?

This is the first gadget that you must buy or get before you learn how to be a yahoo guy. However, it is not just an ordinary smart phone/laptop but with high processor speed, high Hard-Disk size, good ram size and Web-Cam.
To learn to be a yahoo boy, there are things you are expected to look out for before you purchase any laptop. A laptop is not only enough, you still need to add components that will make serve the purpose of the business. These components are your tools, just like the ones mentioned above.

Is it wise to begin your yahoo career as a hacker? Don’t start with hacking but rather begin dating. Dating is still for beginners, you can’t just start hacking accounts when you are still learning.

Let me run you down again on some of the other tools for beginners.

Grammarly: This app is used to check and crosscheck your spellings and grammar.

VPN (Virtual Private Network):
VPN which simply means the Virtual Private Network. The main function of this component is to hide your IP address popularly known as hidemyass.

As the internet is concerned, IP address unveil your location to people and in most websites that you can get clients are no longer accepting users from Nigeria. However, you need a VPN to hide your ass (IP address).
Buy a Good VPN and get started? If you need a cheap yet reliable one contact

Create Online Social Media Accounts: You need to create social media accounts before you start the yahoo yahoo business. The major social media accounts you must register to include Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat.
As stated earlier, start the talk with your client on the dating websites and later move to the social media to continue your chats. I believe that you won’t try to make use of your own picture as the profile picture.
Download white men pictures from the internet, you will see as many as possible.

Get a Foreign Phone Number: It is your duty to do what will make your clients to trust you, one of it is to get a foreign number for you to be chatting on Whatsapp. You don’t need to be bothered about how to go about the foreign number, I will help you get.

You don’t just get a number anyhow, there are some things that you need to confirm before creating or generating a foreign number. You need to make sure the country code you use matches the one of the country you are pretending to be from. Don’t go and create a foreign number to call someone when you told the person that you are in Germany or else that will be the beginning of your fuckup.

And don’t have just one foreign number. Create numbers for different countries. You will find that they will come in handy as time goes on.

Ask your clients for more chat on Google Hangout: We all know that Facebook will block any new account, and most dating sites will also block you after a while. This means that it is not safe to allow your relationship with your client to continue on any of those sites. Once you’ve established a chatting relationship with your client quickly convince him or her to chat with you on hangout because seldom log into facebook.  I have explained how you can create a “Fake Facebook account and don’t get blocked”, it is working 100%, but we don’t have to leave anything to chance.

Pick A Gender: You need to decide on which gender you are going for either female or male. In most cases choosing to be female works faster and it is being used to trap men. You can also choose to be a male it depends on your goal and your targets. You don’t just choose a gender and relax, you also need to make your claim to be concrete.

As it may, many people are now aware of the yahoo scam which can make your client decide to have video chats with you. The fact is that you must find a way to prove yourself genuine as far as how to become a successful yahoo boy is concerned.

What you need to know as a Gee. 

You too can create your own format. You don’t need to depend on formats written by other human beings like yourself. You can also work on your client, and if he pays then you can share details on how you convinced your clients to pay and that will automatically be a format another person can use. This whole yahoo format thing is brain work.

Make sure the chemistry of the chat between you and your client is very strong before requesting for credit card details. If possible, you can just request their account details to send them money. Once they send you details, you can then transfer the account details to a Loader, and they will start it up from there.

Sometimes Be the First to Send a Gift:
Female clients fall for this very quickly. A top yahoo boy once wrote;

“When I first started, I created a lasting relationship and didn’t press for anything in the beginning {first week}. I was just a friend they could talk with and little by little, they started having feelings for me. They were forced to confess their feelings for me, while I smiled behind my computer.

A few days later, I would request for their address to surprise them – of which I later ordered a flower from Amazon and transferred to them. The end result was that they would also do the same for me via western union or Payoneer.
To Send Your Client Gift Like Flower, Pizza etc. Get In Contact With Us. To Send Your Client Gift Like Flower, Pizza etc.”

Collect Credit Card Details For Wire Transfer:
This is one of the sweetest ways to scam any client. It is called Wire-Wire and I have written about Credit Card Fraud Techniques that will help you dupe any client of his credit card.

Once you have a client’s credit card details, you can now have anything. All you need is just to make them trust you and like you to the point of handing you all their details. Then you can decide to hack it or do anything you want with the card.


Neighbours are dangerous. Most of the Gees carted away by EFCC na neighbours cast them. Do not let your neighbours suspect what you do. Once you’ve made a pick find any business and invest in. That way you can make people believe your income comes from your business regardless how small it is.

Do not post luxury photos to attract unnecessary attention. Use your head and hustle on a low key and the sky will be your limit. IF you have any questions use the comment box below.

Cheers brothers.

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