Best investments with high monthly, daily and yearly returns in Nigeria 2020.

Best investments with high monthly, daily and yearly returns in Nigeria 2020.

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We all love investments; especially when it has monthly returns, without risk and with high-interest rate.
Everybody wants to put in some amount of money into a deal that pays up to 25% monthly. It is called passive
income, and that is one of the ways to become rich. In this post, we are going to be considering some of the
best investments with monthly returns in Nigeria. So if that is your aim of visiting this page, you won’t get

Best investments in Nigeria.

Investing in financial portfolios is a way of generating passive income. According to the rule of wealth, when
your passive income exceeds your active income, then you have a high chance of becoming a millionaire.
The question remains; “what are the investments that are safe with high-profit margin to invest into?”

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Table of Contents
1. Should you save or invest your Money?
2. The Best Investments with Monthly Returns in Nigeria
2.1. UBER/Taxify
2.2. Stanbic IBTC Mutual Funds
2.3. The ARM Mutual Funds
2.4. Treasury Bills
2.5. Real Estate Investment
2.6. Mini-Importation
2.7. Perfume Business
2.8. Barbing Saloon



The first step is basically to understand that investment is a broad word, and making people are making
mistakes about the word investment. I suggest that you, first of all, understand the difference between
savings and investments. When you understand the difference, you can then know which one you are looking
to achieve.

Just for a quick reminder which nobody will tell you – as long as it comes with keeping your money in the
bank for a long period of time, it is actually considered savings. It can be debated all day, but that is a fact.
Most investments come with using your money to acquire assets – which is then used to generate profit or

Your investment can be liquidated at any time, which is not common with several banking high yield
savings. Take for example: If you purchase a fixed deposit in a bank, you agree to keep the money for 3 months. Failure to comply with that instruction comes with some drastic actions.

The banks are the ones that actually invest the money you saved in a fixed deposit account. Which is why
they always want you to invest in a fixed deposit account, which will enable them to invest your money into
something with a higher return than they are giving you for your fixed deposit savings.

The example above was just to show you that Fixed Deposits as you all think, isn’t an investment – but

This article will have a comprehensive list of savings/investments with monthly returns in Nigeria.
So if you decide to save, good enough – as long as it has a profit attached, alongside a high-interest rate.
Ready to learn more?




I would advise that before you start making plans to save/invest in any of these portfolios I list out, make sure
you consult with your financial planner. I offer these services for a small amount of money – if you decide to
consult with me. You can also ask the proposer for more details – if you aren’t clear on some of the investments I listed. So let’s just dive in and see some of the investments opportunities in Nigeria with good monthly returns.


Are you surprised this came into my list? Well, you don’t need to be at all – especially if you stay in Lagos. This
investment has proven to be the best in terms of asset acquisition and interest rate monthly.
Do you know that with 1.6million Naira, you can invest in the Uber/Taxify business and start making money

The average liquid portfolio pays you just about 10% P.A, but Uber/Taxify gives you the same 10% monthly.
This business has proven to be among the best investments with monthly returns in Nigeria.

The good side of starting an Uber/Taxify business is that you don’t need so much aside from the money to
purchase your car. Once you have the car, you are good to go. You can also learn more about starting an
Uber/Taxify business. Uber and Taxify Investments.


  • A registered car – it will cost you between 6 million – 1.8 Million Naira to get a good car (Toyota Corolla
    2006 model).
  • A good driver: Uber/Taxify gives you the opportunity to use drivers on their platforms. So you can easily
    get a driver and give the instructions.
  • A Lawyer: This lawyer will help you with the agreements that you will give your driver. This will help avoid
    a breach of contract.


Uber/Taxify gives you the opportunity to earn over 180,000 Naira monthly just by giving someone your car to
drive. On the average, drivers makeover 230,000 Naira, but they remit 160,000 – 180,000 Naira to the owner of
the car monthly.

Do you see how big this investment opportunity in Nigeria looks? For me, it is certainly one of the best
investments with monthly returns in Nigeria.


I assume you don’t know anything about investments, but you wish to put your money somewhere that would
generate income for you right? Allow me to welcome you to the world of Mutual Funds by Stanbic IBTC bank.
Why I included this investment scheme is because it is one of the best investments with monthly returns in
Nigeria. It is also one of the liquid banking portfolios that has crossed the %10 mark.

The Stanbic IBTC mutual funds are about 12% P.A for all investors, and you can cash out your profit monthly.
You can also decide to roll it over if you wish. It all depends on what you want. Stanbic IBTC mutual funds


  • You can start with as low as 100,000 Naira
  • Interest is accumulated daily
  • There is no room for loss of capital
  • Your money is secured
  • It is managed by some of the best brokers in the financial world.
  • You can withdraw your money monthly – no stories.


All you need to do is walk into any Stanbic IBTC branch and ask the officials to set-up your mutual funds


Just like the Stanbic IBTC mutual funds, the ARM mutual funds is also one of the best investments with
monthly returns. Just perhaps you wish to go with the ARM mutual funds instead of the Stanbic IBTC mutual
funds. They all work the same way but it seems that the ARM mutual funds offer a higher percentage than the
Stanbic. ARM offers right up to about 15% interest rate P.A.


  • The interest rate is about 15% P.A.
  • You can start with as low as 10,000 Naira
  • Monthly dividend payout
  • Very easy to start
  • Your capital is secured.



If you have the money and don’t know what to do with it, then you should consider investing in treasury bills.
Treasury bills are another investment with monthly returns in Nigeria. The only thing about treasury bills is that it pays you all your interest at once. So if you invested 1 million Naira, treasury bills will pay you 10% of your investment immediately within the first month.

It is as simple as it could be – without risking your capital. So if you need your profit immediately you invest,
then you should try investing in treasury bills. It is also one of the best investments with monthly returns in
Nigeria. If you need to know more about Treasury Bills carry out a little research.


If you don’t have the money to go solo in real estate investment, then there are lots of companies that give
you the opportunity to invest with them in real estate. Most of these companies offer very high-interest rates
with monthly returns. The interest rates vary from 25% up to 60% monthly or every 3 months. So if this sounds like a good deal for you, please do well to start investing with companies. If interested to know the companies, please send an email and I will give you a link to some of them.



Mini-importation for serious people is one of the investments with monthly returns in Nigeria. Mini-importation
gives you the opportunity to invest just as little as 10,000 Naira and you earn over 50,000 monthly. All of these
happens by just importing hot commodities into the country and selling it like hot cake.

Just imagine you import the D*ck enlargement cream for just 200 Naira per cream and sell it for over 5,000
Naira each. This means that for just 1 cream, you make a profit of 4,000 Naira.
Mini-importation is a huge business and should be given massive attention for anyone looking for investments
with monthly returns in Nigeria.

There are several countries to start importing from – especially or aliexpress dropshipping. If you
prefer importing from Dubai, good

If you want to start generally, I have written a guide that will help you with mini-importation. If you are interested, please send me an email to request for this guide. The price is 3,000 Naira – please no begging for the guide.



If you have low start-up capital, then you should consider investing in a perfume business. This is another real
investment opportunity that offers you monthly returns.

The good thing about the perfume business is that everybody needs it, so you will have lots of clients. All you
need is just your capital and marketing strategy. Once you have the capital and strategy, then you are good to


If you live in an environment with no good saloon (barbing or hair styling), then you should consider investing
in the business.

I started a saloon business with just 100,000 Naira, now I make over 40,000 Naira monthly after maintenance
and everything. My saloon business gives me monthly returns, which has helped me set up another saloon in another location.

Nothing is more lucrative than setting up a saloon business in a wonderful location. The reason why saloon business is great is that it is one of the investments with monthly returns in Nigeria. Setting up a saloon will also give you back your capital as fast as possible – then profits will start coming up immediately.

So I have just listed the few best investments with monthly returns in Nigeria. There are other good investments opportunities in Nigeria, but most of them don’t come with monthly returns. So feel free to ask questions using the comment section. I will respond to you as fast as possible.

What’s up Hustlers!!! #Peace.