Create fake online shopping website & store. Fake E-commerce site html developer.

Create fake online shopping website & store. Fake E-commerce site html developer.

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DISCLAIMER: Whatsoever you choose to do with websites created by us is solely your business. We won’t be held liable for whatever purpose you chose to use yours for.

If we serve you well please refer to others. They too might need something like what you got. Do not be selfish.

A lot of you hustlers might be wondering how your colleague got the credit card details he or she uses for shopping those experience sive shoes, bags and designer clothes. It’s not all the time you convince your client into sharing their card details with you. As a matter of fact only the dumbest maga will do that. There’s this saying that “The kingdom of God suffers violence but the violent take it by force.”

If you think stealing CC detail is easy then you have another thing coming. Getting your client to trust you is one thing, getting them to believe you is another.

Shopping site.

Okay, let’s assume you’re chatting with someone who’s card details you would love to steal and use for shopping. Do you just ask him nicely to give you his credit card details that you want to shop some expensive stuff for yourself online? Of course not. You use a backdoor to get it without your client knowing.

So how do most smart people get Credit Card numbers including the CvC behind the card from others? It’s easy.

Build a Fake Online Shopping site that sells beautiful products for very cheap prices:  This is also known as an E-commerce website. If you have knowledge in web design the better. You can create the site, host it on a good hosting server and then promote the website on social media.

Fake Online Shopping website.

Looking as real as f*ck.

You can decide to sell perfumes, clothings, shoes, bags and even cars.

You don’t really need to have the product you advertise on your site, just post their photos there so that people will think you have them. Make sure your site looks very real and classy else nobody will trust to shop from it.

After promoting the fake online shopping site for a while you will begin to get customers everyday. As these people shop on your site they type in their credit card details including the three digits security number behind their cards to order for stuff that will never be delivered to them.

These Card details are stored on your Cpanel (Control Panel or Dashboard)

At the end of every day you can then filter through the card details and select the ones you will like to shop with.

If you don’t want to build an entirely new site we can make a clone of an already existing shopping site. This clone site looks exactly like the real site, the only difference is that it isn’t real. Most people go for the clone.

Fake e-commerce website.

We’ve made clones of eBay, Alibaba etc. You just need to be sure of what you want.

Creating this site requires knowledge in web design and coding.

However, you can get online computer engineers do it for you at subsidized rate.

Do you need a shopping site that you can use to get Card information? If yes then contact right now. The site is not created free. With as little as $289 (#105,000 – One hundred and five thousand naira) you can set up your own e-commerce website and get thousands of customers shopping on it daily.

So hey! Instead of battling with the outdated formats you can decide to use this method to get swift cash.

Those interested should contact to get their e-commerce site up and running in no time.

With just $289 (105,000 – one hundred and five thousand naira) you can get your own Shopping site. Those interested should send a mail to now. Only interested persons.


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If we serve you well please refer to others. They too might need something like what you got. Do not be selfish.