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Omah lay.



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You can connect with the ‘Bad Influence’ crooner via the available contact addresses below. 

Omahlay whatsapp contact.

If you are a Nigerian and you love good music then you’re aready familiar with the name Omah Lay. Although relatively new in the industry, Omah Lay has gradually wriggled his way to the top with mind blowing tracks and videos and he seems determined to remain there. It’s now very common to hear him referred to as the ‘BAD INFLUENCE singer, LO LO singer or YOU crooner. His name is being chanted even on the lips of sucklings as it has become a household name in Nigeria and many other parts of Africa.    

Stanley Omah Didia (born May 19 1997) known professionally as Omah Lay is a singer, songwriter, record producer. He first gained prominence in 2020 after his debut single ‘You’ went viral. He started off as a producer and songwriter in Port Harcourt but only made up his mind to take up singing when he realized he doesn’t get enough credit for the songs he helped create for others. He then recorded and put out ‘Do not Disturb’ and ‘Hello Brother’ in his hometown Port Harcourt which earned him a record deal with KeyQaad – a new record label at the time.

It would seem music runs in his family’s blood as Omah’s grandfather has also dabbled into the art when he performed as a drummer in the late 70s Highlife sensation Celestine Ukwu.

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He is also one of the youngest stars in the Nigerian music industry whose songs have made it big time on most music charts in Nigeria and even outside the country.

Since his discovery, Lay has peppered his fans with tunes and tunes and all are hits back to back. Although no collaboration as to when this article was drafted, we anticipate seeing the youngsters work with with a number of top singers in the country and also take his music to another level.

According to Wikepedia Omah Lay started music as a teenager rapping in the streets of Marine Base as Lil King but then he got bored and started learning how to produce music. He made his mark first on the local music scene in early 2019 as a producer making a couple of records that got massive radio spins in his hometown but he thought he didn’t get the accolades and credit he deserved writing and producing those records; that was when he made up his mind to pick up the mic and do it. In 2019, he recorded and put out ‘Do Not Disturb’ and ‘Hello Brother’ and they enjoyed good spins on his hometown radio stations. This caught the ears of record labels and he ended up signing with KeyQaad in July 2019 and left his hometown for the first time and moved to Lagos – The entertainment hub of West Africa

Omah lay phone number.

Because of his fresh popularity people will want to contact him for various reasons. Many are excited fans who just want to hear his voice and some are people who want to book him for an event or show. Some are even haters or secret admirers. In this article, we will be giving out Omah Lay phone number, direct contact, whatsapp number to fans who feel a little distanced from the screen icon.

But be warned, not all celebrities enjoy being bugged by fans. While a lot of them treasure the love and attention, an even larger proportion don’t.

We’re not sure where this guy falls so when you get the details tread cautiously to avoid piquing him.



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Note that for security reasons and to prevent abuse of numbers by fans most celebrities do not like their numbers being published. And in cases where it somehow leaks online they tend to change their contact asap. You may or may not connect with Stanley using phone numbers but you will definitely be heard via social media.

Omah Lay Real phone contact: (+234)813 284 4225


Whatsapp number: No known number yet. You can reach him via her social media handles.

Facebook Username or page: FACEBOOK.

twitter: Follow Omah Lay on twitter.

Instagram: INSTAGRAM

Joeboy Website:

Manager Contact:

home address: I’m surprised you’d ask this on here.


With the above contact details you should be able to reach out to Joeboy anytime.

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  1. I know this sounds stupid but I’m really in love with u and my only wish is just to see you even if it is once you would realy make me happy if i can just meet you just as a fan to her celebrity crush i really hope you reed this and reply love you

  2. Hi omah lay, I love listening to your music’s e.g You, Bad influence, Lo Lo, damn, ye ye ye, Confession, Godly, Do not disturb, Can’t relate, Infinity, Pami, etc. I am a young boy I have the talent of singing, pls sir I need your help with a sponsor. My nickname is Pheelzy or Omah Jôsh .
    Yours Faithfully.

  3. Wow omah lay .have listened to your songs so very well .the lyrics alone are so meaningful .please omah lay .I need your help .I have the talent but no one to sponsor .please I bet u in the name of the Lord help me u do . God will promote u in Jesus name amen.

    My name is Paul
    And am from Edo state auchi

    Please help me
    My number is 09014114506
    Please help me omah lay
    Thank u sir God will lift u up the more cause God no ungodly

  4. Hi I’m Lilian Angela one of ur biggest fan I can even die for u, I would’ve love to come out on ur next video if possible, 07063505756 u can reach me with dis number keep d fire burning much ❤️💋

  5. Omah lay i just wish you the best in everything you do.
    i am waiting for another addictive song this year.
    ride on

  6. Omah lay
    Ur music is the best
    Seriously after reading much about u
    I feel much inspired
    Really wanna be like u
    If only u can tuitor me
    Ur music got the vibes
    Bad influence, godly , infinity, damn, ye ye ,lo lo , talking to God etc

  7. I really love all omah lay song….
    Everytime I listen to his song Godly ….i always have feelings for him
    Please admin….. If he can be able to view my post…. I will really love to spend time with him

  8. omah lay is my role model,i really hv a grt voice i singing,but no one to sponsor me, my parent are rich but dey refuse to get me in the music indurstry, i need help omah lay,{09024064723} datz my number, by d way ur song godly inspired me so much omah lay, may GOD bless u in jesus name, amen

  9. Although am gal,but i wish to be sponsored by omahlay cos i knw i can sing lyk him and listening to his songs gives inspiration,no emotional feelings is attached though.

  10. I absolutely love omah lay musics the most great and accurate music is bad influence. Like wise my username on facebook is Fayonel fk phone number is 08144874190 i became addicted to ur musics omah lay

  11. Bad influence!… Omg that song doesn’t allow me stay without a Bluetooth speaker on my ears. Omah lay tnx for that song, I luv u & I luv all your songs.

  12. I don’t know how crazy this might sound
    But I really want to go just one date with omah lay….I know is not the first time anyone who comes across this post,including omah lay,is hearing this….I just want a real relationship without condition if possible with him

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