Nepal telegram group link to join

Nepal telegram group link to join – Kathmandu telegram group link to join.

Importance and Purposes Of Telegram Groups.

Telegram groups are created to help people meet one another for businesses. 

Also, these groups help create nice atmosphere for dating and h*oking up with new people and making friends. 

Timely information are also disseminated via these medium. 
Brings the job closer to the people. 
Help create unity in diversity and much more. 

Note: Intending members are charged a fee of $20 for the smooth running of the group. Send us a mail at

No one is an island. I mean it literally, we are not rocks and woods. We’re flesh and blood, and guess what, we’ve need one another to function adequately.

It has been discovered that constant association fosters good and health relationships. Connect with one another in any part of the world via the regions’ official whatsapp groups or telegram group links.

Do you know it is very easy to make new friends, get dates, hookup with people daily right from the comfort of your home by just joining the right Telegram group? Yup, technology has taken us that far. Now you don’t need to travel the entire globe to get a girlfriend, boyfriend, lover or even life partner. Even Business deals can be done from home via the right channels.

Sit at home and tour the globe from your mobile phones using whatsapp or Telegram or any other trusted media outlet.

But even this outlets have their downs. How do you communicate with someone on Telegram or whatsapp when you don’t have the person’s phone number. That too is easy. Join the right groups in that region and meet cool people.

From the group(s) you can add friends to your contact and begin to chat with them. You can also just chat right there in the groups.

The world is a global village. A community of people, though of different tribes yet sharing the same basic stuffs like oxygen and other nature’s bountiful offerings. It’s good to connect with one another to share not only information but other stuff you can’t even imagine.

That’s where social media comes to play. With the media you get to meet and know people easily. People in North America can interact with those in Australia like they’re just a kilometer apart. It’s really awesome to have these different media making communication easier.

Let us connect. Lets meet ourselves. It Doesn’t matter where you are in the world, technology bridges distance and enhances good relationship. It also creates unity.

Nepal telegram Group Link 2021 2022. Nepal Whatsapp group invite link. Join Kathmandu whatsapp group.

This article connects those in Nepal together. Kindly follow the commands below to be added to the telegram group if you are interested in becoming a member.

Other Platforms like Facebook, twitter, Instagram, Baddo, Whatsapp, Snapchat, Instamessage, Pinterest, Tumblr etc have billions of visitors visiting them daily, all searching for different things but this is a TELEGRAM group for those in Nepal region.

Let us in Nepal connect now via Telegram to share ideas, discuss important matters, date, meet sugar mummies, sugar daddies, girlfriends or boyfriends, offer jobs, get jobs, offer help, get help etc.

By creating this Telegram group, hopefully, someone might just benefit from it.

Off all these social media Telegram is one of the most popular. It’s our idea that every state, country, nation, street, city and family have their own Telegram group where like minds can meet to discuss and have fun easily.

Rules Of The Nepal Telegram Group.

These group has rules and regulations, but hey! don’t be frightened. These rules are easy to adhere to and if you follow them well you won’t have a problem with the admins and you will enjoy the benefits of the platform to the latter.

Rules and Regulations.
No promotion or Adverting in these groups unless under express permission from the admin(s)
No discriminatory message(s).
No religion slandering post
Give respect and take respect from the group member
Do not change the group name or group image
You are not allowed to share any type of links unless approved by the admin(s)
If you have any problem with the group then contact the group admin

The group is filled with mature men, girls, boys and women who would rather keep their privacy to themselves. We’re sworn not to expose the secrecy of members unless under express permissions from them.

Those seeking to join the Telegram or WhatsApp groups should follow the commands below.

Comment on the article and stating your demand and readiness to pay the membership fee and join group.
After commenting, send an email to and wait for a reply.
Remember to include your name and reason for contacting us via the email.
You’ll immediately be contacted by an admin.


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